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Eating Poison: Food, Drugs and Health

EatEating Poison: Food, Drugs and Health
By Kellia Ramares-Watson
Published: May 25, 2013 Words: 15,484, Language: American English
ISBN: 9781301235896

Review by Sean Lenihan

This book, currently available only in e-format, and priced most reasonably at $0.99 USD, deserves a wide readership. In its pages, in non-technical prose, investigative journalist and social and political activist Kellia Ramares-Watson, in collaboration with veteran health reporter and commentator, Martha Rosenberg, lays out for the reader the machinations of one of America’s most powerful cluster of “toxic” industries, Big Ag, Big Food, and Big Pharma, and what they are doing to the health of people, animals and the earth.

Highly compact, in fewer than 40 pages Eating Poison explores with great lucidity the corporate-induced economic and sociocultural roots of the obesity epidemic, a type of “manipulable” morbidity which promises to add tens of millions of cases to an already dysfunctional healthcare system, as well as interrelated topics such as the cloning of meat and dairy animals, undertakings whose main purpose remains the extraction of further profit from the brutal and ecologically injurious routines employed in animal factories.

As readers of this publication are well aware, corporate power is given extraordinarily free rein in the US  in a manner that few other capitalist nations can match. This makes capitalism US-style one of the most cynical and savage in the world.

It’s not exactly a mystery why this is so, even if few voices in the establishment gallery of apologists and sycophants will ever mention it, but the US is also rather unique in that its population exhibits the most alarming and woeful lack of political power, awareness, and mobilization. precisely the opposite of what its incessant propaganda proclaims.


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