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Another year over

new one set to come:

Might we ever awaken:

Or doze comfortably dumb?


The rich get wildly richer

The poor sink abject  poor –

the strong turn despotic:

can there be a Cure?


Marie  Antoinette

Would be dismayed today

I lost my head for this?

perhaps  all that she would say


Neo-feudals neo-libs

Revive the retro days

regress back the centuries

restore redneck ways


Progress is in free fall

rights , wrested away

western civ is on the brink

that meme has had its day


Magna Carta near repealed

Dissent  bundled  away

Liberte, egalite?

Idylls , with feet of clay


Nature repairs our  ravages

In time ,that has been true

But with this corps of savages

She may not have a clue


2022 is looming  near

we lurch in dull distrait

will Goodwill ever rise again

or will Evil rule the day?


History  ever mimes

Old with the New

The Compliant are many

The Defiant   ever  few


Nothing ever Changes

That  Itself may  not Change

as we  blitz  about in frenzy

frantic  chickens  on a range


We  dream  a horse can fly

and  wish that  pigs have wings:

but what we win on  roundabouts

we lose upon the swings


The Juggernaut of History

lays the best of  us low

a few   attain the palace keys:

most  fill the  pit below


Not much  ever changes

that may not be reversed:

are we just Incorrigible,

or just plain  Accursed?


[© R.Kanth 2021]


Professor Rajani Kanth, Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations, is Trustee of the World Peace Congress

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