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Godiva: A Novel


Nicole Galland
Photo by Sarah Mayhew

Stop by the ‘Clothing Optional’ event (left column), and you might see Nicole Galland (HC ’87), who will be signing readers’ copies of her new book Godiva: A Novel.

It’s a story that’s kept tongues wagging for nearly a thousand years. According to medieval tale, Lady Godiva lifted the unfair taxation of her people by her husband, Leofric, Earl of Mercia, by riding through the streets of Coventry, England, wearing only a smile.

But what would drive a lady of the court to take everything off and risk her reputation, her life, even her wardrobe—all for a few peasants’ pennies?

In this daringly original, charmingly twisted take on an oft-imagined fable, Nicole Galland exposes a provocative view of Godiva not only in the flesh, but in all her glory.

With history exonerating her dear husband, Godiva defies the tyranny of a new royal villain, helped along by her steadfast companion the Abbess Egdiva.

Never before has Countess Godiva’s ride into infamy—and into an unexpected adventure of romance, deceit, and naked intrigue—been told like this.

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