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25 Oregon writers every Oregonian must read — assuming you like sex, strange obsessions and, yes, geek love

Via The Oregonian

Susan DeFreitas
The Michigan-raised, Arizona-educated writer and editor works in a variety of genres, from science fiction to poetry, though environmental themes tend to dominate. She is the author of the novel “Hot Season” and contributed to the Portland-centric story collection “City of Weird.” Her stories, she says, are “full of dreamers and makers and builders and wild children making forts in the woods.”
Andrea Lonas

Must-read book
9781941861288-PerfectHSAwSeal.inddHot Season: Susan DeFreitas’ 2016 novel has been called “activist lit” and “ecolit,” and even though it takes place in the Southwest, it has a very Portland feel to it. “The book will bring you back to a time when you still thought you could save the world,” The Huffington Post writes. DeFreitas, in an interview for Fiction Writers Review, says the “main conflict at the heart of the book is one that you will find in many activist communities — perhaps part of what we’d call callout culture — when those newer to the cause who have a lot of fire, a lot of unrelenting, uncompromising black-and-white points of view, take issue with what they see as the backsliding of the older generation, of those who have been involved longer than they have.”

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