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The Papal Enclave

PapalRenowned Harvard Law Professor Stephen Ripley discovers his brightest assistant brutally murdered after he exposes a conspiracy that leads all the way to the Pope. Working closely with Sigourney “Ziggy” Penance, a beautiful Boston Globe journalist and his contacts within the FBI & CIA, Professor Ripley is thrust into a very sordid world with immense international intrigue.

As the shocking revelations of his assistant’s research explode across the front page of the Boston Globe, plots of retribution are set in motion and Ripley rushes to Rome to identify a mysterious Vatican contact and uncover murderous plots against the Pope, a former Archbishop of Boston, and himself. This labyrinth of intrigue draws in the Pope’s personal army of Swiss Guards and the passionate sect of Opus Dei, who join forces to defend the Church against a stream of vengeance. Discover who prevails as these fast paced multi layered events over six days comes to a cataclysmic end.

The Papal Enclave by James O’Brien is a thoroughly researched mix of historical facts, recent events, and intriguing characters intertwined with an absorbing finale. The Papal Enclave is the first in a series of thrillers that weaves a tapestry of suspense utilizing fictional characters through actual current events while mingling them among authentic personalities of the famous and infamous.

What the Professionals say about The Papal Enclave…

“A well-crafted tale where reality is woven tightly in the warp and woof of its words. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and hope it has great success.”   Stephen Boehrer, Author of The Purple Culture

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