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A Chant of Paradise

chantA Chant of Paradise, the new literary fiction novel by D. E. Tingle, revisits the times, places and circumstances of his 2009 novel, Imperishable Bliss.

Where the first book set up the sectarian self-deceptions of its narrator, this one doesn’t spare the secular preoccupation of its own narrator, Robert Bartley. The new book amounts to a guilty pleasure for readers of Bliss, who must have felt obligated to share in the grim solemnity of its hero. Chant is an invitation to relax into hilarity.

Blurbs for the new book range from invocations of male heterosexuality as seen through the literary model of Moby-Dick (a stretch) to “high-end chick-lit for dudes” (arguable).

For many ethical reasons, the author is engaged in a lonely boycott of Amazon.com, and urges buyers of his print books and e-books to order themĀ anyplace else.

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