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O Jerusalem

selling selling

forever selling

burger, burger
fake news,  fries

killing killing
forever killing

MOAB  bombs –
and bigger lies

read all the news
that’s fit to fake

on the make

coveting more than
one can take

mark it well
make no mistake

an antic  Thirst
no one can slake:

from Pizarro
to Francis Drake


Western civ:
ain’t that  a scream!

all  strawberries,
and  clotted cream? –

or is it just
an american dream?

another idyll
out of steam?

if a dream
’tis my mistake:

but tell me this:
when shall we wake?

for goodness sake!

when shall we all
come awake?

and where, o where,
is William Blake?


holes in  heaven
fire in  lake

we swig brine
they take the cake

a fear  that we may
never wake

coronets quiver
citadels shake

holes in heaven
fire in lake:

Goodbye, Jerusalem –
and  William Blake

[© R.Kanth 2017]


Rajani Kanth is the author of Coda, a chronicle of the life, and afterlife, of the last human, in both flashback and future shock, after the apocalypse of the millennium, where timeless, misanthropic aggression, and blindness predictably destroy all life on Earth. Coda is a compelling philosophical, and quasi-theosophical, post-modernist narrative, that (re)solves eventually the Riddle of the Universe, from the unique vantage point of the last sentient being left alive to ponder the question of existence. It is the quest of a latter-day Siddhartha, albeit in the context of an apocalyptic  world  sundered by global  catastrophe.

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