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The Medical Thriller Tears Before Exaltation was launched on Saturday March 31, 2018 at Gervasi Vineyard, a block away from author Fidelis Mkparu’s house, in Canton, Northeast Ohio.


Tears Before Exaltation is a story of the challenges a third-year medical student, Ben, faces in Memphis. It details incessant challenges in his relationships, love life, loneliness, loyalty and survival. Events that are overwhelming at times. It’s a book about perseverance. A testament to the art of not giving up. A psychological thriller about the influence of past events in our lives on our psyche. A journey of self-discovery for the protagonist.


Though it is not Memphis, Tennessee where the novel takes place, Fidelis loves his hometown, Canton, Ohio. There is no equivalent to the Mississippi River in Canton, but he has a small manmade lake on his street. “Go ahead and laugh,” he says. “In place of the Delta Blues, we had Harp music for the book launch. To make up for some of the inadequacies, notable citizens of Northeast Ohio attended, judges, lawyers, real estate developers, bankers, and wonderful regular folks. It was a memorable event for me.”

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Tears Before Exaltation is a stunning literary drama that combines key elements such as romance, suspense, and psychological intrigue. The author immediately caught my attention by creating a likable, compassionate hero who rules his life by acting with integrity. He is surrounded by several key players who do not share his ethical standards. The writing is contemporary and compassionate, tackling highly relevant social issues such as mental illness, including alcoholism and depression. The story has an engaging pace that makes it hard to put down with twists and excitement that will leave you wanting more.”

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Fidelis, who spoke to a crowd of about seventy people, said, “Words are not adequate to express my gratitude to my friends and supporters. I am also grateful to my publisher Harvard Square Editions. I am grateful to my friend and confidant of twenty-two years, Christine Dickey, the planner of the event. Christine did not ask me who to invite to my book launch since she knew my friends and my predilections. A plus for our close friendship.”




Fidelis O. Mkparu is a Harvard-trained cardiologist who has written medical articles for both scientific and lay audiences. His previous novel, Love’s Affliction, was a 2016 Nautilus Book Awards Silver Winner for Fiction, a Reader Views Literary Award Winner for 2015/2016, and a finalist for the 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award for Multicultural Fiction. He lives in Canton, Ohio.

Tears Before Exaltation is available at Amazon and retailers everywhere.

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