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900,000 U.S. gun fatalities VS 3000 U.S. terror fatalities


Marathon bombers kill on a Monday. A timid Senate shrivels gun control on a Wednesday.


House Speaker John Boehner has been studiously non-committal on the proposed gun legislation.

Different people, same week. The speed of cruelty, the velocity of fear. Each horror breeds a pit of squirming clones. Who’s next? For what? From whom?


Harnessing the power of speculation; riding the world of fossil fuel.


Since 1970… 900,000 U.S. gun fatalities versus 3000 U.S. terror fatalities. Stopping terrorism? High priority. Stopping gun violence? Can’t pass the U.S. Senate.


Gun violence versus pressure-cooker terrorism. How are they different? 90% of Americans want gun control. 80% Republicans want gun control. NRA members want gun control. Senate votes against constituents, votes for gun money. They stand naked, revealing who they represent.


NRA, angry kids, the U.S. Senate. Human drones beget cyber drones. Who are the terrorists?

Charles Degelman is the author of the award-winning Vietnam protest novel Gates of Eden.

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