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A bit o’ (motley)goose


Rajani Kanth signing copies of his new book at Barnes & Noble

by Rajani Kanth, Author of Coda

a bee in my bonnet
A care in my cap
Sing me a sonnet –
grief is on tap

Sing me a sonnet
A groat in my spats
just came upon it:
my pockets in tats

Jackdaws twitter
Whittington’s afoot
Banbury’s cross
Jack Horner’s all mute

Boy Blue’s awake
Bo-peep’s fast asleep
Jack Sprat’s hungry
Wee Willie runs deep

Simon’s no wiser
Muffet’s no bolder,
spiders surprise her:
cider won’t hold her

some like it hot
some like it cold
some simply care not
truth be told

Humpty Dumpty
still sits on the fence
Neither giving –
Nor taking offence

no, no, black sheep
dont give me any wool
pulled right over my eyes
I am pretty much full

one two buckle my shoe
no,no, just shut the door:
King Cole, in heavy rue
cares to play no more

Pussy cat, alley cat
Where have you been?
in deep lucubrations –
No time for the queen

a Jack and a Jill
went up the hill:
Jack, in atonement
Still payeth the bill

Pat a cake pat a cake
Baker’s man
You cant make a mistake
As fast as I can

Hush a bye babies
Daddy’s right here:
dog’s got rabies
The end is quite near:

rain, rain
say no to Spain:
darkling spring
comes not again

A dillar, a dollar
Be ye late, or soon
Once an everyday scholar –
Now in immovable swoon

I still dont like thee
Doctor Fell:
heal myself now,
if not very well

bye baby bunting
the ships are out to sea
times they are a-shunting
nothing real can be

so fare thee well,
my mother goose,
to rhymes that braise
to words that bruise

Xmas ain’t coming
the world is getting flat
Time, friend, to pack it in
And that is that

So, how many days
left, now, to play?:
love comes but once,
It’s over: away!
[© R.Kanth 2016]

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