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A Game-Changing Guide for Leaders

gamechEver traveled to a new city and explored its riches and intricacies with a knowledgeable tour guide? It’s a totally positive way to spend a vacation. Wendy Appel offers that same rewarding experience in her new book, InsideOut Enneagram: The Game-Changing Guide for Leaders, for anyone on a journey to be a better leader.

Understanding one’s self—strengths, weaknesses, blind spots—is foundational for effectively leading others. The Enneagram is a beneficial tool for building that self-awareness and agility. Wendy proves herself a master of helping us to use the Enneagram to plumb the heights and depths of our own Types and Triads.

Having trouble relating to or working with a direct report, colleague, or boss? The chapter on “Dynamics and Distinctions” is a not-to-be-missed workplace crystal ball of discovery and insights. Believe you are who you are and can’t change? Wendy details the latest in brain science to dispel that myth and encourage you to spread your wings and jump off the cliff of self-discovery.

“Years ago I had a boss who was reluctant to include the Enneagram in a three-day leadership development offsite for the senior team.  Too bad I didn’t have this book to give him, because it is full of practical workplace examples and case studies. There’s plenty of content for those who respond to logic as well as those who relate to emotions,” said Jane Perdue of Braithwaite Innovation Group.

Wendy provides a clear guide and step-by-step process to walk the journey with solid steppingstones. She simplifies complexity. Her personalized style of writing brings the Types alive as living complex people, rather than theoretical typologies.

Wendy’s understanding of the Enneagram is utterly profound. She writes, unusually, in the first person, providing deep insight into each of the Types.

This exquisite book takes the reader on a rich, multifaceted, and profound journey. It is clearly a labor of love—written by a successful leader and coach who has traveled a remarkable inner, and outer, journey.

It requires courage to take that journey within. With Wendy’s material and self-reflection exercises, you’re in the hands of a very capable guide. Be prepared to think, face the truth, and have an uncomfortable moment or two. The new you that results will be well worth it.

David Frigstad Chairman, Frost & Sullivan had this to say: “At Frost & Sullivan, we thrive in a highly competitive global economy, thanks in no small part to Wendy, who coached us to make masterful use of Enneagram tools. Now she has made the tools available to those who can’t work with her directly. This book … ensures that leaders and teams can learn to use precision tools to achieve a desired result.

I recommend InsideOut Enneagram to all business team leaders. Wendy’s work as a coach, grounded in her international business experience, and her carefully structured guidance in this book provide a map for team success that I have not found elsewhere.”

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