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A Thanksgiving?

By Rajani Kanth


There’s thanks

Yet to give:

And life

Yet to live


There shall rise

A philosopher-king

drunk deep at

The Pierian Spring:

And S/He shall right

But Everything –


Of course S/he  will

not be king

but a  wraith ,


a changeling


No star shall shine

nor angels sing

but  plebeian tones

shall   roundly  ring


Then  will  earthly

mystery yield

whence shall we

All be healed




Rich in   totem

and  taboo

be they false

or  be they true


In idolatry and


what splendiferous

yarns we weave


In fear  is bred

our darkest  dream

in fear  is stilled

our mortal scream


In fear we care

in fear we dare

dread  ekes out

the lifeblood stream




But bon courage!

light of lights

is here:


night of nights

draws near


We shall wake

for goodness sake

and  will be shown

all crystal clear




See  the  lotus

smiling at the moon

dark hued and

in purple  swoon


See serpent slither

the wet grass wither:

the red rose fold

the white rose dither


See  Good assemble

and   Evil   tremble:

now who be  there

to dare dissemble?


For Deliverance is Nigh –

not by and by

but, I swear

(and witness bear):

Eftsoon , eftsoon,

Eftsoon !!! 

[© R.Kanth 2021]


Professor Rajani Kanth, Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations, is Trustee of the World Peace Congress

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