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A Thousand Words of Poetry

 by Shelagh Watkins

It’s easy to see why one reviewer called Shelagh Watkins A Thousand Words of Poetry  “beautiful words, beautifully written.”

The small collection of ten poems had a total word count of one thousand words. This seemed like a good title for a small collection of poetry. Shelagh added ten photographs to the collection of poems and put together the poetry book, A Thousand Words of Poetry.

The book includes poems that were well received by the literary community. In 2005, Shelagh Watkins’ poem, Hope for a Safer Place, was accepted for inclusion in the anthology, Stories of Strength. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the anthology of short stories and poems helped to raise funds for disaster relief charities.

The poem was re-published in Soul Feathers in 2010. The anthology of poetry helped to aid the work of Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK. Other poems that have appeared online were equally well received.

Although Shelagh considers herself to be a writer of fiction, she has written several poems that have been included in the Forever series of anthologies: Forever Friends, Forever Travels and Forever Families. One of the poems received the following comment from a reader of the anthology, Forever Friends:

“May I say that your poem “Forever Friends” is BEAUTIFUL! Infinite forgiveness… the test of true-blue friendship… Thank you for writing this poem!”  reviewer Sharon Fulham said.

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