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Author Abda Khan Honored for Her Work

Abda Khan

Abda Khan, Author of STAINED

The Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation named lawyer and author Abda with a ‘True Honour Award’ Honouree for her work on women’s rights. Harvard Square Editions published Abda’s debut novel Stained, which has won acclaim for its depiction of a young woman struggling for her right to an education and to consent in all its forms.

Diana Nammi (left), the founder of IKWRO with Abda Khan (right)

Diana Nammi (left), the founder of IKWRO with Abda Khan (right)

Following the publication Stained, Abda has done much to raise awareness about the help that is available for victims and Survivors of “honour” based violence in media interviews, book launches, literary festivals, schools, universities and charity functions in Birmingham, Leicester, Yorkshire and New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Abda also writes short stories and guest writes for several publications, raising the profile of “honour” crimes. Her short story ‘The Lonely Path’ and poem ‘Forced’ were published by sister-hood.com and have been featured by AHA Foundation.

Abda volunteers for Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid and in particular helps “honour” related and forced marriage cases.

“Khan has written a contemporary Tess of the D’Urbervilles, a heart-wrenching and engrossing tale that challenges the definition of morality through the story of a wronged young woman fighting to come to terms with harsh realities and finding empowerment along the way.”




Stained draft.indd

Stained, by Abda Khan

Genre: Crime, Romance, Thriller
Paperback: $22.95
Ebook: $9.99
ISBN: 978-1941861325

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