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Alan Swyer’s THE BEARD

Alan Swyer at Book Soup

photo by John Solt


Book Soup in Hollywood launched The Beard – April 4, 2016. March 30th, at 8:30 PM, Alan Swyer interviewed on KPFK 90.7 in Los Angeles— or KPFK.org on the internet— speaking about his new novel The Beard. Tune into Poets Cafe to hear Alan interviewed by the one and only Billy Vera.


via NewYorkSocialDiary.com

MUSIC PRODUCER/filmmaker/manager Alan Swyer has finally kept a promise he made long ago to the late, great Ray Charles. The two men became friends while Swyer was producing an album for the soul legend. Ray was fascinated by Swyer’s abilities as a storyteller, his many adventures and projects (managing Ike Turner, writing and directing “The Buddy Holly Story,” making music videos and commercials.) “You gotta promise me to write a book!” Ray exclaimed. Swyer said yes, but nothing came of it, until, well — now. While he was finishing “From Harlem to Hollywood” a documentary about singer/songwriter/author Billy Vera, he also began to write. And on April 2nd Swyer’s comic novel The Beard will debut from Harvard Square Editions. It’s been described as “an insider’s guide to the cutthroat phoniness of L.A.’s west side nouveau riche.”

Novel or not, one can be sure Alan Swyer’s adventures protecting his own throat from being cut will be melded into the fiction.


Alan Swyer

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