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Author Interview: Anthony Caplan

Anthony Caplan is an independent writer, teacher and homesteader in northern New England has just launched his crowdfunding campaign for his novel on Indiegogo.

Litvote: Tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

Anthony: I’ve been writing fiction for longer than I like to admit. I have three self-published titles and SAVIOR is my first published novel. When I’m not writing I’m teaching high school Spanish, raising three kids and trying to manage a small self-sufficient homestead in central New Hampshire.

Litvote: You are crowd-funding your next book. What’s that all about?

Anthony: It’s an attempt to raise some funds for publicity and marketing of Savior because it deserves to find an audience and that doesn’t happen by accident. I don’t mind wearing a hat other than author in order to see the book have some success. The cool thing about crowd funding as it’s currently configured is that you don’t have to be commercially savvy in terms of marketing know-how. It sometimes pays to be genuinely an amateur.

Litvote: What’s SAVIOR about?

Anthony: It’s about a son who is attempting to find his father and save the world from destruction — while his father resists despair, torture and brainwashing at the hands of a death cult called the Santos Muertos. At a deeper level, SAVIOR is about a father and son finding faith through sacrifice and love for each other.

Litvote: What was your inspiration for the book?

Anthony: My initial inspiration was the experience of having a son at the beginning of his teenage years and dealing with my own insecurities as he began to assert his independence. Also, I like to explore a topic from different points of view and my previous book was a coming of age novel. I have also always loved a good quest and been an admirer of the classic Tolkien and C.S. Lewis books. So there’s a bit of that in Savior.

Litvote: Where should people go if they want to participate in crowd-funding Savior?

Anthony: Here’s the Indiegogo website for the SAVIOR project. Please support and share:


SAVIOR Plot Summary:

Needing to reconnect after the death of Mary, the mother and wife who held her family together with her strongly held convictions, Ricky and his father Al are on a surfing vacation in Guatemala on the year anniversary of her death. They come across a long hidden Mayan tablet with a secret code that could bring the world to an end if it gets into the hands of the Santos Muertos, a death cult bent on setting the stage for a global meltdown. Ricky keeps the tablet against his father’s wishes, and, in a nighttime raid, Al is kidnapped by the Santos and carried off to their compound beneath the Canadian oil tar belt in northern Alberta, where Ricky must find him and rescue him.

Anthony Caplan Bio:

Anthony Caplan is an independent writer, teacher and homesteader in northern New England. He graduated from Yale University in 1982 and has worked at various times as a shrimp fisherman, environmental activist, journalist, taxi-driver, builder, window-washer, and telemarketer, (the last for only a month, but one week he did win a four tape set of the greatest hits of George Jones for selling the most copies of Time-Life’s The Loggers.) Currently, Caplan is working on restoring a 150 year old farmstead where he and his family tend sheep and chickens, grow most of their own vegetables, and have started a small apple orchard from scratch His road novels, BIRDMAN and FRENCH POND ROAD, trace the meanderings of one Billy Kagan, a footloose soul striving after sanity and love in the last years of the last century. LATITUDES – A Story of Coming Home, released in the summer of 2012, is a young boy’s transformative journey overcoming dysfunction, dislocation and distance. His new book SAVIOR, a dystopian thriller, will be out from Harvard Square Editions in April, 2014. Connect with Caplan on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

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