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A  ‘Best of All Possible Worlds’?

I have, for some 2 decades now, inveighed  against EM (Eurocentric Modernism)  models of ‘society’ ( amongst other issues).
Let me repeat myself, here , for it simply  cannot stale by repetition.
I repudiate  virtually ALL  of its  variegated myths/idylls.
Let me list  but a  scant few…

We do not need  annual GDP growth.
We do not need mass production and distribution.
We do not need perpetual technical ‘progress’.
We do not need  a score or so years of   costly, credentialing,  ‘schooling’  robbing children/young adults of childhood , common sense, and innate shrewdness.
We do not  need an adversarial ‘democracy’, nor an adversarial legal /juridical system.
We do not need armies ,  navies,  and bases.
We do not need to toil, en masse, all our lives,  at meaningless jobs designed  by corporate agents under command of  remote Simon Legrees, only to be periodically ‘set free’ whenever it suits the latter.
We do not need  formal, empty, pledges of  a specious  ‘equality’.
We do not need  nations, and states,  and  other such dubious  lines in the sand, armed with decrees , fiats, and constitutions (drafted by  a few , privileged, of one generation, forever,  for others).
Nor ‘Parliaments’ that govern us on behalf of  distal power elites.
Nor ‘elections’  where we duly  ‘elect’ our oppressors.
We do not need global markets,  global trade, nor ‘competition’.
We do not need giant corporations running it all,  from  atop their ‘commanding heights’.
We do not need organized mass media filling our minds daily with dessicating  drivel.
We do not need  vast, organized ‘religions’  exploiting  fear , dread, and insecurity , with  vain promises of desserts  in the after-life. whilst propping up every iniquity of the status quo.


We do ‘need’ communal autonomy and self-management: albeit  within small gemeinschaft (face-to-face) communities , governed by  reciprocal, affective ties.
No: (and this is Imp to stress) this is NOT yet another new, arid,  manifesto of  ‘invention’ (like so much of EM sloganeering) .
It is  simply  Re-discovery of  extant antic norms, drawn from our real,  anthropic heritage.

What are these norms?
Here, but  a few.
Not competition,  but co-operation.
Not opulence, nor  power – but conviviality.
Not a material economy of  interests , but a moral economy of affections.
Not ‘civil society’ , but communal society.
Not  asocial ‘individualism’,  but ‘mutualism’ (to coin a term).
Not ‘majority rule’, but consensual orderings evolving over time.
Not nihilistic ‘freedoms’,  but positive enablements to better our conjoint welfare.
Not endlessly  ‘doing’, or ‘becoming’,   as some perpetual motion machine , but, more importantly,  in  ‘being’.
Not ’producing and consuming’ as though that exhausted  all of human potential,  but living, sharing, caring,  participating in the myriad qualities of  life  – at times,  by not producing and consuming.
Anthropic life, short as it is, is more  about qualities, than quantites.
That is  just how ‘we’ began our  long ‘history’ before sordid  empires (like EM, but  not limited to it) conquered and took over.

Such is our  ‘birth-right’,  a  parcel of our  essential species-being.
It is where we ‘belong’.
It is where we could  return, IF we are to be whole and sane again.
That bears repeating: we are NOT sane and whole in this  EM world of make-believe: a mere  five minutes of reflection on how we live our lives under its gathering panoply of constraints (which we foolishly venerate as the artefacts of ‘civilisation’)  would be sufficient to understand the inescapable madness of it.
Not to mention its callow brutishness.

So, no:  false salves won’t do – e.g., electing  a Bernie Sanders or a Jill Stein  (honorable as they might be) won’t cut it.
Not even as fantasy.
No, your life would be not a whit more meaningful if the two venerables , above,  were to be Co-Presidents for Life.
Global ‘free’  Markets, Universal Wage-Slavery, and  mindless production of disutilities to help swell  the coffers of even more billionaires – even with slightly higher minimum wages and health insurance –   would still give us a treadmill.
And,  take note: a treadmill is a treadmill is a treadmill.

In fact, let me bring my Argument  home , succinctly.
It wouldn’t work any better  if YOU – yes, you – were elected Prez.
You see:  it’s NOT the subjective qualities/graces of the individual (nor the  lofty slogans of the Party, or Platform),  running for Prez, or Prime Minister,  that matters –  in the slightest.
And it is quite astonishing how ALL  entities on  the EM political spectrum are even now, in these latter days,   seriously deluded in this regard (showing how successful is its   hegemony).
It is, au contraire,  the (inexorably ill-founded) SYSTEM  – that I term  EM –  as a whole  that is pernicious.

Worse, we didn’t  – contrary to legend –  buy it  all at some open , smiling, supermarket of ‘free choice’( that EM venerates as an idyll: in stark contrast to the contrary real-life observance of it): it was  violently thrust upon  a hapless ppopulace  by the masters of the economy and polity centuries ago in Europe –  and then propagated , fiercely, across the globe – by  brute force.
As it is, to this day.

9781941861110-Perfect CODA.indd[2016 © R.Kanth, author of Coda]

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