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Big Sister, Older Brother

big sisBig Sister Older Brother by Courtney Stinnett, based on a true story of sibling support when mental illness takes over. The journey of these two lives in a very short period of time reminds many of us of the value of family.

Excerpt of the book : From the moment I was born, I was not only a daughter, but I was a little sister as well. I looked up to my big brother, and he looked out for me. He took his job of being a big brother very seriously, and he was really good at it. Sometimes I would get picked on, and he would physically defend me by beating them up. Today I am the big sister and I look out for him. I don’t beat people up, but I do the protecting now. I make sure he has everything he needs. Now it’s my turn to take care of him. This is our story as told from both our perspectives… The story of how I became a big sister to my older brother.

ISBN-13: 978-0974684178; Papperback $16

Ladybug Publishing Company (2015)


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