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Alumni Crimeds Join Boston Lockdown

Harvard Crimson alumni from out of town joined Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston in its lockdown during a manhunt for suspects who were brothers originally from Chechnya, Russia.


photo by Brian Corr


The Crimson cancelled its alumni weekend. Harvard has also canceled all events, including Visitas.

“Please stay safe and remember that Governor Deval Patrick has asked people who live in the entire city of Boston, as well as the nearby communities of Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Cambridge, to ‘shelter in place’,” says Brian Corr, Executive Director Cambridge Peace Commission,”— stay inside and not open their doors to anyone, except police with proper identification — until further notice.”


@WCVB @wcvbkelleyt Pic from a friend’s apartment in Watertown #manhunt pic.twitter.com/JjyzybFVje


The streets of Watertown were empty Friday except for SWAT teams going door-to-door as they tracked down and captured the second suspect in Thursday’s MIT shooting, and the Boston Marathon bombing. More pictures from inside the lockdown

In LA, police evacuated all 30,000 students at the California State University campus after a bomb threat.


Meanwhile at California State Universtiy, LA

“Blocking gun laws. 90% Americans want gun control. 80% Republicans want gun control. NRA members want gun control. Senate votes against constituents, votes for gun money. They stand naked, revealing who they represent,” says Charles Degelman, professor at CSU and author of the award-winning Vietnam protest novel Gates of Eden.

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