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Challenging Eurocentrism

(N.B. This is the transcript of a recent Talk).
IF appearance and reality coincided
there’d be no need for analysis.

So we need exercise caution.
For we humans are , above all, myth
making animals
We make up stories about ourselves.
That part is fine.
Problems arise when we start to
believe our own stories.

One such powerful story is European
( EM) which rules over most of
the world today.
Every society finds its own path to
‘modernise’, in time, but EM blocked
All Other Paths
, because it was backed
by the Global Veto power of Europe.
Most of us abide its protocols, all
but unawares, though it’s the very
ether we breathe, the sea we swim in.
Its benefits are always touted, its
costs not fully understood.
It’s high time to look to the other
side of the ledger
Within the EM grid, we live on false
premises, chase after chimera, and
court needless anguish and despair.
So, what exactly is wrong with the EM

In the same way that you cannot do
chemistry and biology without an
accurate physics.
You cannot do econ, poli sci, or
philosophy , without a valid

And yet the Enlightenment did just

They concocted a pseudo-anthropology
to suit their policy requirements
So, EM ideas are based on a mismeasure
of our real nature.

Now let me offer a profile of our
true anthropic nature
See if you recognize your real self in
what I say?
We are instinctual beings.
We build society like ants and bees,
We build on the perennial
foundations of family, kinship, and
We are cooperative , convivial,
corespective, and communal.<
That’s it.
That’s the whole story.
Compare that to the basics of EM
econ/poli/soc theory.
We are told we are acquisitive, rationalist,
calculating, competitive, and

So EM simply assumes the prexistence
of a world that it is actually
trying actively to invent.

I call its assumptions a libel upon
the human race.


Its most pernicious creation is AI, or
Asocial Individualism, a first in
human history.

No society outside of Europe has ever
accepted that precept: it is what
separates European E-Modernists from
all others.
In fact some , even within Europe,
like Scandinavian societies, being
, have never fully endorsed
AI is the provenance of almost all
Modernist Discontents and bears the
AAA stamp of EM: anomie, angst, and

Now let me refine my profile of the
real anthropic world.
Within our species, Men ,
instinctually, sort of, behave like
chimps, women like bonobos.

Simple Tribal Society (STS) restrains, male violence which is the root of all evil in human society, their ‘animal spirits’ calmed by the cementing bonds of affections, however transiently.
Eventually, most STS devolve into empires.
STS are founded on the Social Economy
of Affections
, NOT the Political
Economy of Interests that EM taxes us

This is a critical insight from which
we can learn

Societal forms based on kinship,
and/or close communal ties, are not
merely vital for relative peace and
harmony, but are also where our
species-being is best expressed.


When we move humans , forcibly, from
gemeinschaft to gesellschaft
formations, as EM does, we lose it.

It then becomes that Hobbesian war of
each against all.


EM , over time , converts a Band of
Convivials into a Company of Strangers, or , so to speak, mammals into reptiles

I give you now a useful contrast.
Take but a few Modernist Idylls:
individualism, democracy, equality,

Compare them to the human family,
which is a universal institution.

The family is neither democratic, nor
free, nor individualist , nor equal
It does not fit the Modernist Project.
But it gives us what we humans need
most: care, consideration, affection,
and sanctuary

Notice the difference: the family
corresponds, and caters to, to real
human needs.
EM furnishes you abstract ideals, pie
in the sky.

Human Needs, e.g., do not appear in
EM Economics, instead they give you Wants.
That is why EM Economics is a bleak, otiose, tendentious EM project.
It is not a Science but a Policy
Manual for EM.

So, what we need is a Transvaluation of
, to restore lost graces, to
rehumanize , repersonalise , the human


The most corrosive trait of EM is its
philosophy of runaway materialism.
Materialism is bad philosophy, bad
morals, bad theology, and bad


It is also bad Policy.


If Individualism gives you
selfishness, materialism gives you
Combine the two, and you get any virtually EM entity in the European world.
Human life is one slim , slender,
chance to live

Curb EM aspirations , and approaches,
and you can, once again, breathe free.
Recall who we are: a sentient species,
stuck in a largely obscure, desolate,
harsh, and insentient, universe.

There are no ideals to realise. No
achievements to be consummated. No
vows to fulfill. No commandments to
comply with. And no Utopias to chase
All we need to live is to seek
amity within our little microcosms :
and revel in it, before we pass on.

Growth, progress, development, are
all expansionist mantras of the EM
governors, who clearly profit by
Ordinary people pick up most of the
costs: in terms of lost habitats,
degraded cultures, failed societies,
endless wars, and steadily
intensifying labor requirements.


In sum, EM has many benefits, but
they are not, in human terms, cost

In fact, and no hyperbole, it has put
all Planetary Life today at risk of
I will close now with my variation of Gresham’s Law*.
Let’s call it Kanth’s Law?
Bad velues drive good values out of circulation.
Whence EM misanthropy stays poised now to destroy the very possibility of civilisation.
Europe has already gifted us 2 Global Conflagrations, and is now actively bent on commencing a 3rd , final , holocaust.
Could there be a more successful Project?
I trust there is no further need to understand why.
* ‘Bad money drives out good
[© R.Kanth 2023]

Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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