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100 seconds to midnite.
That’s the setting of the Doomsday Clock.
Is anyone dismayed?
We are rushing headlong to certain disaster.
The same folks who gave us the Two Great Conflagrations of the 20th century
want now to spit on their hands and finish the job in the 21st , for good
You know who they are: our Usual Suspects.
Yes, they’ve been around a bit.
Black comedy? : it would make for a good Marx Brothers skit were it not so
They that took high pride in their ‘rationality’.
O how they waxed about their superiority over the wretched of the earth ( i.e., the rest of the world) in that regard.
Little do they still know that a slew of micro rationalities do not add up to a smidgeon of macro rationality.
So they are become but rational fools, idiot savants.
Between their high notes and their low notes, one could drive the Orient Express.
So event follows grim event.
Cause follows more dire cause.
It is all but out of control?
Who is running the show?
That’s the beauty of it.
No one knows.
That’s the House that Jack built.
Anarchy of the market tied to the politics of gridlock.
In chaotic dispersal of authority and accountability.
Nice job, Jack.
But it’s late for recriminations?
And its neap tide for Hegemons.
So, we the people, can but wait , cross our fingers, and hope.
We’ve come a long way since remote, royal, aristocracies ruled the roost?
Or, have we?
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite?
Why not?: be a nice switch from the status quo.
Through all this, The Doomsday Clock remains adamant.
What color is your survival kit?

Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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