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(for Michel Bauwens)
It’s a word that is ubiquitous today.
And rightly so.
But few fathom whence it arose.
We live in a system that is permanently in crisis.
I title it EuroModernism(EM)*.
It is the genre of Modernism that Europe invented in the 17th & 18th centuries,
prior to imposing it on the globe.
In so doing, it perforce pre-empted any and all other manner of Modernisms that might have evolved.
We are all, regrettably, barring some native peoples, universally E-Modernists now.
Why is EM crisis personified?
Because, as a first in human history, it deracinated the very basis of anthropic society –i.e., morality, which undergirded the Social Compact and is the glue that holds it all- substituting a specious Social Contract in its stead, held up by vacuous formal legalisms backed by brute force.
It turned a band of convivials into a company of strangers.
It turned mammals into reptiles.
It substituted a Social Economy of Affections with a Political Economy of Interests.

And gave us the vampire formula for dissolution of All ties: Asocial Individualism.
I.e., a world wherein, as JP Sartre had it: Hell is other people
Statue of Liberty?
Statue(s) of responsibility, accountability, hospitality , caring, consideration?
In short, conviviality?
Or, in one word, love?
Mais, non!
So, the real crisis that generates All crises is that we live within EM, in stark alienation.
Cut off from the healing matrix of our species-being.
So, full employment, zero inflation, banning fossil fuels, ending war, gender/racial equality , even socialism, will not remedy that Primal Default.
We are anthropic beings.
We need to comprehend what that entails.
Our highest need, metaphorically and otherwise, is to huddle.
So, in rank ignorance of our real anthropology , the EM governors, and their power elites, manufactured, in high pomposity, the hypertrophic machinery of
fiats and ordnances: consecrated by the infantile delusions of equality and liberty (promises revocable/reversible at will) that keep us chained to the treadmills, in face of an ever expanding spate of impositions, panting ‘yes, we can’.
No, we cant.
Modernist existence is run through with isolation, loneliness, misery , anxiety and angst.
A bigger GDP does nothing to mitigate that.
Equality will not blunt its pain.

Instead, we are all slowly driven to the brink of losing even minimal sanities:
as is evidenced in the daily horror of EM’s vanguard nation, with 1.6 mass shootings per day.
Deprived of the innate healing bonds of a human society (e.g., Australian Aboriginals, Bushmen), we morph into sociopaths and psychopaths, on the road to irredeemable madness.
The Doomsday Clock is set at 100 seconds to midnight.
Now you know how we got here, and who got us here.
Start counting?
*(Farewell to Modernism,NY: Peter Lang, 2017)
Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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