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Dystopia, Inc.


We live in it.

And yet refuse to acknowledge it.

How long will it take?

1.6+ mass shootings a day, and we still
kid ourselves.

Are we civilised?

We are not even civil.

A country that has been Has been At War 93% of its history (229 out of 246 Years) Since 1776.?

And yet we plod , and persevere.

Still deem it the best of all possible worlds?


Such is the power of (carefully crafted) ideology.

We can miss what is plumb before our eyes.

And yet fancy ourselves reasonable , thinking, folk?

They can still get us to believe anything they wish.


So what can break that hold?


Answer comes from our baseline (base?) amoral pragmatism.

Just one weekend of bare supermarket shelves.

And the spell will wear off, swiftly.

No spin can alter that.

Even sordid materialism has its strong points?



But the secrets of the system are even more dour.

What are they?

Keep the vast majority abysmally poor (19% have zero savings, at least half the country lives paycheck to paycheck, and we have the lowest minimum wage in the industrialised world) and they’ll work for nothing.

[And that is not to mention long-standing race and gender splits.
By way of illustration, the average white family in Boston has a net worth of about $250000. The average Afro-Am family (in Boston) has a net worth of $8.]

Keep them also in irrequitable debt, and they’ll conform to anything.: an old Disney ditty says it, raffishly: I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go.
[At $38000 per head , not counting mortgage debt , we are not the most indebted in the world, but we could well be the ones least able to discharge it.]

Lastly, the sop: hold periodic elections that can , and do, alter nothing fundamental ,and yet, importantly, and endlessly, foster hope (the ‘yes we can’ subterfuge): and the iron cage is complete.

Gaetano Mosca (Italian sociologist) would have called the above a neat ‘political formula‘.

It is.

And it works.


The worst thing about Dystopia is that it normalises dystopian behaviors, unto perpetuity.

And we start to think there is no alternative (the TINA myth).

Only those who have known, and seen, better, know that the above is not true.

How many are there of that ilk?




Worse, not only are we dystopian, we (successfully) export this grim template to the world, via the usual standbys of cannon and chicanery.

To alter Gresham’s Law, bad templates drive good templates out of business..

What is the impact of our inveterate greed, and our indurate aggression, on the planet?

It is palpable.

The world stands at the edge of calamity , owing to our machinations.

Between Pax Britannica and Pax Americana. what , really, has changed?


They remain my favorite oxymorons.





Can this go on forever?


We are on the brink.

The race is run.

Change beckons.

Do you feel it?

© R.Kanth 2022


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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