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Eclipse (or Death: in keywords)


by Rajani Kanth, author of Coda


Draw deep:

Medusa braces
Sirens weep

Birds cry out
Serpents leap

stale stupor
drunken  thirst:

scars incarnadine,
unholy, burst

primal longings
pagan art

darkling drops,
draining  heart

knows it best
when swift to die:

Slippage, breakage
muffled cry

myriad  lesions
arride the  grief:

no apostasy
can snag the thief

fond, forlorn
thief of time

foiled dreamings
failed design

the corpus dies
sine die

convulsed  pains
screaming cry

fighting breath
To no avail:

shatt’ring mirrors
Senses fail –

eyes aglaze,
a world recedes

falt’ring mind
fain  impedes:

in   the vortex
tempests blow

Creation’s plans
belated show

too late, a vagrant
soul abates:

at  the gates,
who would  not wait:

lo , we depart
as separates,

we who art
but One:

We who art

Under a goblin

spirit  , a  guest
waylaid ,  traduced

in foul arrest
bereft,   bemused

in fever, fret
severe,  ill used

love gushes back
to fill  the  void

tender tasks
forever alloyed

time eternal
angels tread

in light, devoid
quite,  of dread

pyre of roses
a lover’s bed

painted black
a rose bruises red

like love, arises
to be bled

low , far horizons

the coming end

within a dream
the dreamer wakes

within the world
a world forsakes

within forfeits
what’s  brittle,  breaks


In its aureole
the ultima thule

no parole
for prince, or fool

O fearsome that last

then it falls
a storm at sea

quaking mansions
shuddering lea

silence shrouds
a final entropy

flown is ether
fled is breath

o sad as cypress
is a dotard’s d____


[© 2016 R.Kanth, author of Coda]

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