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Facts of Life

Money Creation.
Prices, Wages, Rents, Interest rates.

Those terns highlight the exciting lexicon of EuroModernism (EM) *.
Having reduced us all , perforce, to the banal roles of producers, consumers, rentiers, and brokers, it has remapped our human world.
In its own hideous image.
But what are we really about?
None of the above.
We humans, au contraire, are , essentially, about family, kindred, and community.
In short, we are Convivials.
All of the above EM litany intrudes, rudely, into our natural celebration of anthropic life: i.e., in simply, being.
Our forebears , Bushmen, Australian Aboriginals, et. al., still retain those primal values, whence living fulfilled lives – save when they are brutishly despoiled by E-Modernist forces.
They still reflect the spontaneous natural society of tribe.
They are not the dour, sullen , materialist, zombies that EM tries to morph us into: but remain live, creative, and joyful.
We, qua Modernists are doomed to endure endless societal engineering, on behalf of the Power Elites, ever in the name of the chimera of ‘Progress’.
What is Progress, you say?
Anything that helps augment Profits, and the power, of the plutocracy, suffices to fit the EM definition.
Try applying the tragic/farcical categories of EM “economics” e.g., to simple tribal forms, and see how far you get.
But, isn”t economics a universal science?
It is not science, and it is not universal.
I call it the crown jewel of the hegemonic ideology of E-Modernism.
It gibbers,in its unique patois.
Whether aware, or not, the economist (yesterday , as today) is no better than a shill, a paid prizefighter.
Indeed, it were high time we took the con out of Econ.
Now you know why it garners a Nobel Memorial Prize, despite its less than Zero Capability of either explaining or predicting reality.
You get the picture.
We are natural beings, and evoke a spontaneous order which is characteristic of the entire universe – when left alone.
Like birds and bees, we are also instinctual beings.
Try locating this simple truth in so-called EM ‘social science’.
It has been scrupulously edited out.
Much the same way as EM economics excises Needs in favor of Wants.
It’s one and the same Agenda.
Time to wake up.
Live by EM formulas – as we have – and we face annihilation: in fact, it may be too late already.
Time to reject it all: consumerism, growth, expansion, globalism, GDP, the works.
All those only expand markets and net revenue(s).
Not that I endorse this index , but Vanuatu ranks 2nd on the Happy Planet Index: the US comes in 122nd.
What could be more eloquent?
Sadly, we may never glean why we exist.
But it cannot be to enrich the coffers of the global 1%: at the expense of toilers, women, and native peoples, unto perpetuity.
* EM is the genre of Modernism that Europe imposed on the world: for a full explication, see my Farewell to Modernism, NY: Peter Lang, 2017)
Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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