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Farewell to Modernism, Rajani Kanth

FWFarewell to Modernism: On Human Devolution in the Twenty‐First Century is an original, pathbreaking, revolutionary, and totalizing critique of received Modernist ideas, including Modernist Utopianism. In that vein, it unseats virtually every dearly held myth of EuroModernist discourse. It offers a new episteme based on our true ontic nature—our anthropic species‐being—as an offset and correction to all brands of EuroModernist idylls, be they of Left or Right, that have repeatedly brought the world to the brink of annihilation. In sum, this book argues that neither philosophy nor social science are tenable without a true, realist anthropology of the human species that sets limits to both poli cal idealism and social engineering.

“The book you are holding in your hand Farewell to Modernism is a very important book…the bottom line is this: read this book, take your me, think out of the box (straitjacket?) of Euromodernism, and this will change your life.”
—Amit Goswami, Theoretical Quantum Physicist, Emeritus Professor, University of Oregon

“Rajani Kanth has been denouncing for a long me the analytic misunderstandings and moral misdeeds of Eurocentric Modernism. He has done this forcefully and with great consistency. This book puts together the en re case. Whether one agrees with his theses wholly, partially, or not at all, these are propositions with which one must seriously engage if we are to make our way to a be er world.”

—Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University

Professor Rajani Kanth is an economist, a philosopher, and a social thinker. His major research interests lie in the fields of political economy, social theory and policy, and women’s issues. Over the course of three‐plus decades, he has taught in the areas of anthropology, sociology, poli cal science, history, economics, and philosophy. Currently based at Harvard University, he has served as an advisor to the United Nations in New York and on the faculties of prestigious universities around the world. His most recent book is The Post‐Human Society (2015).

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