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Gaza Dream

(For the 14000+ little lights extinguished as the skies
burst above them


‘Twas a day in the holy month

his mother wept at the wheel

and our little Gaza waif

was trying to cadge a meal


I saw him walking here and there

I stopped to ask him why


he just stared at me in open gaze

more than a little shy


then he spoke in a warbled voice

and said he didn’t know why


why their lot was so stark and poor

under a sanguine sky


we’re now the lowly of the low

I do not understand


what ails my stricken people

what ails this wretched land
I said you need to know some history

to learn why such things are


was a time when you were not so poor

but were more than up to par


your land was famed around the world

they marvelled at its skills


but dark fate fell upon your kind

the kind that comes and kills


a foreign foe did seize your land

stole your tillage too

put you out to pasture

reaping riches for their few


thousands died they did not care

they didn’t give a hoot

took taxes in but gave you naught

and made off with their loot


your skills debauched arts destroyed

you lives were helpless rent


they looked away as many died

famine not by heaven sent


Shall we ever rise again said he

amidst this dusky land?



The bombs burst all around us as

I took him by the hand


it is your holy month said I

so I can not tell a lie


but a fair world awaits your kind

though so many now do die


the Arc of Justice swings very slow

but swings ever fair it must


and your land will rise again

that now lies wrapt in dust


yet again will you read great books

with your little friends at school

yet again will you gad about

and giddy play the fool

the storm that’s here will soon depart

your fields will be yours again

and your battered towns will up and rise

shining brightly on the plain




What goes around comes around

such is our human fate


but trust in what is yet to be

as we now walkabout and wait

your mother will weep not at the wheel

nor will you ever cadge a meal


he smiled soft and walked away

but still hungry for that meal



In keeping slimmest hope alive

oft lies our human weal

they cannot bomb our inner pride

our courage cannot steal


Even when Evil Rides the Wave

to stay unflinched and brave


The boy was but an image

just an image on the screen

yet I swear I saw his mother weep

and heard his hungry scream

[©R.Kanth 2024]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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