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Heir of the Thunderbird

Heir CS5 File.idmlVictoria is a 16 year old girl, who has been to the hospital with illness more times than she can count. She has a strange disease, which renders her bones incredibly fragile, breaking by the slightest pressure. The doctors are clueless to what is wrong with her. One day, she is summoned to a new meeting in Dresden, with promises of a possible cure. It does in no way go as Victoria had anticipated, although she gets a taste of a mysterious concoction, which makes her strong. Back home in Denmark, Victoria begins investigating her deceased father’s Native American family and soon discovers, that there is more to her family than first realized.

She and her friend Beate decide to travel to Canada, where the father’s family lives, in order to learn more. This begins an adventure, which the two girls will not soon forget. For there are mysterious forces and old superstition at play, and other people are chasing Victoria!

If you like magic, supernatural phenomena and the struggle between good and evil, then this book is heartily recommended.

Heir of the Thunderbird  is exciting and captivating, and even though I did not know much about Native American culture, I learned much on the way and found it all interesting. The story is well written, and the pages almost turn by themselves. There are good descriptions of Canada’s wildlife and the places that Victoria and Beate visits, and you can almost feel the cold winter’s breath against the skin and taste the frosty air in your lungs.

Besides involving magic, wizardry and power struggles, the book also revolves around friendship and budding love, which may prove impossible. Victoria develops notably during the story, and even though it spans only a short period of time, it is a realistic and true to life development. We feel her terror of never finding a cure, and of the doctors in Dresden. We understand her curiosity about her family, and her desire to travel to them. Almost everyone knows how it feels, to be in love for the first time. The writers hit all of these feelings exceedingly well, and it makes the book not superficial, but well-done and thorough.

I give Heir of the Thunderbird my warmest of recommendations – both to the young readers, but certainly to the adults who enjoy good fantasy as well.

Forestilling om Paradis

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