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By Rajani Kanth, author of Coda

Last Icon
laid to rest

his ilk
was he the best

few others left
to pass the test –


Icons no longer
now can be

the good , in riddance,
quick set free

but empty shells
and ne’er do wells

live on forever
in entropy


the shallow rule
the petty thrive

and old zombies
are come alive

in lowered cast
is virtue past

so nothing true
can ever last


antic norms are
duly fled

and empathy
is vanished –

yes, enter world
of the living dead


into the trough,
drink the swill

as slowly grinds
the cancer mill

and Sysiphus, weary
climbs the hill

like all the rest,
pushes it still!

addled mind,
or triumph of will?


woe betide
and woebegone –

past adulation,
bitter scorn

yet, ever true to
the manner born:

the Last Icon
is gone

© 2016 by R.Kanth, author of Coda

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