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for Malini

by Rajani Kanth


You have to  hand it to Trump.

He gets it right so very often.

Quite amazing.

I’m really  impressed.

If only people took the trouble to understand him!

Alas, so few do.


Here’s just one very  small, but telling,  example.

He’s  so very  right about those nasty,  ugly, repulsive, immigrants that he goes on about, every chance he gets.

Yep,  I mean those loathsome critters who sneak into the country uninvited.

They simply  pour  in,  in  unstoppable hordes.

And , over time, go on a wild spree of rape, pillage,  and  mass murder.

And try to take over everything, leaving the locals  broken and distraught.


Insane  hyperbole?



It’s all  so  very true.

And well documented.

I  actually read about them in history books.

So, Trump has  real , solid facts on his side.

He’s no ignoramus.

He sure knows his history.

Whence he deserves our respect.

Not calumny, or derision, as seems to abound in these times.

Indeed, when will the  nasty , corporate media let him be?


For he just performed  us a  real national service, all but unnoticed.

By reminding us (and which President has ever done that, I  ask you?) of an indisputable fact.

And  a timely one, too.

You know what I’m referring to.

Of course,  you do.

Of all the  heady , hardy,  heroic, exploits that are by now  writ  into legend  and  folklore.

Whose exploits, you ask?

Why, of the  Great Lineage descended from our Original Immigrants, the ‘Old Comers’

on the Mayflower (later to be hailed as ‘Pilgrimes’,  and ‘Saints’ ).

Lest we forget.


Bravo , Trump.

It  takes guts.

Real guts.

To own up.

In fact, I am holding my breath.

Maybe – if  re-elected –  he might even apologise?

To the Natives, I mean.

For the Omnicide.

For the resource-grab, the  open theft, the broken treaties.

Like the  Australian Prime Minister did, a while ago.

Why not?

If the Ozzies can do it….


But, It’s all very sad, really.

If only the natives, of yesteryear,  were as bright as Trump: they might have built a wall?

Of course , they would.

Who wouldn’t ?

The Chinese  did.

And certainly survived a  whole lot  better than Native Americans.

Don’t believe me?

Do a quick  enumeration.

How many Chinese are there today, in China?

And  how many Native Americans?

You get it.


So,  yes,  do support that wall idea of his.

But , just be sure whom you’re walling in –  and whom you’re walling out.

In other words, get  the history straight.

That’s very  important.

Mustn’t go wrong there: one needs be extra punctilious.

And then,  the facts will speak for themselves.

As they always do.

[©R.Kanth, 2019]



Professor Rajani Kanth, Author of Coda, and Expiations, is Trustee of the World Peace Congress

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