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Inspired People Produce Results

The world of business is faster paced than it has ever been. Budgets are being slashed, competition is fierce, and the finance people are scrutinizing profitability and pointing fingers like never before. Pressure for results has never been greater.

What is the key to leadership in this high-stakes game? In a word, INSPIRATION. Employees are a company’s number-one asset, and the quality of a leader’s relationship with them will spell the difference between success and failure.

Written by leadership expert Jeremy Kingsley, Inspired People Produce Results reveals the secrets to leading in these times of great change. Kingsley explains the essential principles and skills for effective leadership in the twenty-first century: passion, purpose, loyalty, humility, patience, integrity, strong communication skills, establishing a safe working environment, and a commitment to giving personal attention to each team member.

If leaders inspire their people, they will unlock their staff’s potential. It’s the ingredient that enables readers to lead their teams to unprecedented success. The ability to inspire makes them more than a manager; it makes them a leader.

Inspired People Produce Results helps readers unlock incredible growth by:

  • FOCUSING on the passion that people need to succeed
  • EXAMINING the purpose and mindsets of great leaders
  • DISCOVERING the principles that can change the culture of a company

Fast-paced and enjoyable to read, this game-changing leadership guide focuses on a single, vital premise: success as a leader hinges on his or her ability to inspire.

Inspired People Produce Results provides the tools, the skills, and the inspiration readers need to lead their people and organization to greatness.

Jeremy Kingsley is a professional speaker and best-selling author. Since 1995 he has spoken to more than 500,000 people at live events around the world and has delivered over 2000 keynote speeches. He has been featured on CNBC, FOX, FORBES, and WALL STREET BUSINESS. Learn more at www.JeremyKingsley.com

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