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Environmental Steward Series

The author of Mr Green Jeans has launched an educational children’s show aimed at a K-4 audience, ‘Uncle Steward’s Backyard’.

Its intention is to promote stewardship of our environment. With an engaging and fun character named Uncle Steward, the show explores our natural world and our part in it.

Interacting, helping and teaching about how to be a good steward is the goal of the series. Creating young stewards in a time when all of us need to be Stewards of the Earth is essential education if we hope to protect and care for our home which has been under continual attack for many generations.

Uncle Stewards Backyard is about creating a conscious change in how we interact with the Earth, one new Steward at a time!

Uncle Steward’s Backyard: Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds from Bocce Portal Productions on Vimeo.
The clocks is ticking. There is no greater calling than to care for our home. Our responsibility to be good stewards will decide the fate of our species, but it will equally determine the fate of the flora and fauna, the soil, water, all the reasons we have any life at all.

The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.   Chief Seattle

The full Uncle Steward’s Backyard season premiere will be available soon.

My second book in the Mr. Green Jeans series is underway and the second book will be released in 2017. The fight continues in a grander, riskier and more targeted fashion. Familiar characters from the first book return, but the villain count increases in book two. A war is on and there will be a winner.

Interview with Chris S. McGee for Earth Day

Mr Green Jeans came out on Earth Day. It is one of several environmental novels published by Harvard Square Editions:

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Watch this fascinating interview with Eco-series author Chris S. McGee:

“This is the first in a series of books planned by the author to feature Jack, Lake and friends. I, for one, look forward to reading the continuing journey of these eco-stewards. Whether you are among those taking a more involved approach to helping the environment, or you are contemplating a plan of action, or you simply remember the activism of your youth, you will appreciate the message and the characters of Mr Green Jeans. And you’ll have a fine time reading this thrilling and enthralling example of the cli-fi genre.”

Utne Reader

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