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Irresistible Impulse

A well-read robot, an ice cream loving ghost, and a redheaded avatar as well as ordinary mortals longing for love are all here in this collection of humorous short stories by award-winning author Barbara Alfaro.

In Irresistible Impulse, the title story of this collection, a robot named Shelley muses on the unfairness of the family pet, a disobedient little dog being “petted, cuddled, and snuggled on the living room sofa” while he, who has never disobeyed a single directive from his human owners, is kept in the kitchen along with coffee pots and can openers. Sibling rivalry is tested when the little dog who isn’t good needs rescuing.

Timid and extremely well-read Bette wakes up one morning to discover she has the wrong color eyes. Perhaps there really is a parallel universe and one of its inhabitants now has Bette Luckington’s Eyes. In spite of this bizarre occurrence, Bette will find an odd kind of comfort.

All of the eight stories in this collection by author Barbara Alfaro are quirky, fun, and quick.

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