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Is This Tomorrow?

Library Journal┬áreview by J.L. Morin of Caroline Leavitt’s new novel

Ava Lark, a divorced Jewish woman, and her 12-year-old son, Lewis, move into a WASPy 1950s Boston suburb only to be ostracized by their neighbors and sucked into a heart-wrenching ordeal. When Lewis’s friend Jimmy goes missing, his disappearance has lifelong consequences for Ava, Lewis, and Rose, Jimmy’s sister. By the time Lewis is in his twenties, he is estranged from his mother, while Rose has moved away and become a teacher.

The truth of what happens to Jimmy comes out unexpectedly, forcing the three of them to confront truths they’ve long suppressed. Leavitt (Pictures of You) sets out to portray a repressive society and the way it stifles a sympathetic heroine who is oblivious to the social ramifications of her string of former boyfriends. This tale of domestic suspense builds to a shocking climax and will appeal to anyone immersed in suburban lore.

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