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Lennon Requiem

by Rajani Kanth


On this day  in 1980,  John Lennon was assassinated (sic) , in NYC

I wrote this for him but a short while later



There is no


but impotence

no voice

but whispers



no artistry

but cancer rent

no speech

but guilts

the breath




one flick of flame

and lips of lead

lay scorched upon

that fountainhead


and dark the crimson

current streamed

as he lay dying

in a fiery dream




forty winters froze

as one

even as the silence



a scarlet shroud

to still the flow

of pools his

purple passions fed




Shadows are

substantial, things

in the archways

of the mind


who casts not a’

backward look

oft is hunted

from behind


( v)


he saw, he heard

he fell from high

sank to seed

and rose to sky


who could tell

one slick of light

would seal the


in his sight ?



cradled in one

cry of pain

he lay there

mingling with

the rain


and so he ebbed

a babe in arms

lover,  god,

and child again


[© R.Kanth 2021]


Professor Rajani Kanth, Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations, is Trustee of the World Peace Congress

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