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Dr. Townsend Reeves relishes the chance to work out his marital woes with dancer-wife Leslie Rosenthal, a member of the Paul Gruenfeld Company in New York who has returned to Kansas City for a residence with the National Dance Festival. But there’s considerable bad blood between her boss and modern dance sensations Gerard Moreau and Felicia Bradley, the star duo that shares performance billing at the festival. When Moreau is found dead of an apparent cocaine overdose, Reeves suspects foul play and embarks on an investigatory pas de deux with homicide detective Anthony Mauro in this tale by L.M. Vincent (HC ’73) of modern dance, fertility clinics, and murder.

Pas de Death has wit, intelligence, esoteric information, and a wildly inventive (yet plausible) murder method that is surely unparalleled in all of detective fiction. How much more could anyone want in a mystery?”
—Aaron Elkins

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