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No one should be denied health care

by Yao/Kara Bennett


No one should be denied treatment because of insurance issues. This article is a shout out to volunteer physician groups to work with our nonprofit org www.eldervoices.net to find help for physicians who offer health care without being paid, like my late colleague Dr. Susan Patrice Weiner.

The delay in Susan’s chemotherapy took Susan’s life. This shows how wrong the US health system can be.  The irony is that Susan had helped so many others without insurance. Susan died of small cell neuroendocrine cancer. She was 58 years old, a volunteer physician who never denied care to anyone. She was teaching about human rights and health care in the virtual world of Second Life as the Avatar Kasuku Magic.

Susan’s medical license was active until August of 2013, but the medical board in California was notified that she had to wait for treatment beyond the allotted time because she was told she did not have the ‘right insurance’.

Susan was a neurologist, I’m a psychologist in California.  We met in San Francisco in the early 1990’s, and decided to work nonprofit, as it was obvious too much emphasis was being placed on having the right insurance and money for health care. It has only become worse in California. We had no idea this would happen to physicians as well.

In honor of Dr. Susan Patrice Weiner,

Best to you, Dancers


                      Where are you Kasuku Magic?


Are you an Avatar in the parallel universe of your dreams?

A place where you can still be an extraordinary physician

with your passion for human rights?

You never forgot the sanctity of your patients

Saving many lives

People forever changed by knowing you.

A Leo, a lioness, who could fight for life

How could this mysterious cancer take you away?

We fought together.

Then suddenly you were no longer here with me.

Where are you spirit sister?

It was so sudden, no time to find the code

that would stop the algorithm of this alien dragon

With your love to guide me,

I will help find health care justice

And bring your virtual dreams to life.


Now I am trying to finish other work we were writing when she died. One essay is in a book entitled Women in Second Life that will be published soon by McFarland & Co.

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