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Obiter Dicta (On EuroModernism)

(for Vandana Shiva)
γνῶθι σεαυτόν*
Ancient Greek Aphorism

Let us pledge allegiance to the truth – which follows.
Mind, I speak, often, in allegory and allusion: in the idiom of prosetry (prose interlarded with poetry) that I have developed to express myself.
The greatest sacrilege of EuroModernism (EM , henceforth) was to turn a band of convivials – permanently – into a company of strangers.
That is Human Devolution, in a nutshell.
A human society (I call it the original anthropic society) is built on the stadial supports of family, kinship, and community.
All simple societies exhibit this essential character.
When stripped of those healing bondings, we turn into zombies, flirting with insanity, anomie, and angst.
The greatest danger to the human weal has always stemmed from the ubiquity of male violence.
It was the genius of simple tribal society to enchain that threat within the bonds of affection(s)
No other mechanism has ever even come even close to that apt, and amicable, resolution.
It still remains the only way.
We are animals, whence instinctual beings, sharing much of our genes with chimps and bonobos.
Males appear to exhibit chimpian traits, women bonobial behaviors.
Both are instinctually given.
Women and children form the first , enduring, social units, and women are also the first peacekeepers – as they have to create a cordon sanitaire to protect children: from Man and beast.
The domestication of nature and men is a civilisational requirement.
Women ‘tamed’ men by corralling them within the bonds of domestic felicity, i.e., through love.
Simple societies(most, not all)devolve into empires, owing to male adventurism, – akin to so-called ‘animal spirits’ – that breaks free of kinship restraints.
When that occurs, the ‘feminine’ Social Economy of Affections caves to the familiar, ‘masculinist’ Political Economy of Interests (that constitute ‘class societies’).
That is the tale of the real ‘Fall’ of (hu)Man, as opposed to biblical fantasies.
Contrary to EM shibboleths , we cannot just announce ourselves, with suitable declarations and manifestos, into a species other than who we are (any more than we can renounce our instinctual traits).
That is simply a myth: and we are rather consummate myth-making animals!
The ‘social engineering’ of EM (socialist or capitalist) will always fail, if/and at spectacular cost.
EM fails for not knowing the baseline facts of human anthropology (wilfully, or not) : that we are co-operative convivials who thrive only in face-to-face, Gemeinschaft, communities.
So the Gesellschaft nature of ‘nation-states’ makes them wholly inimical to human welfare.
Socialism failed for not understanding this, even though Marx got his famous idyll from tribal formations (that he saw as ‘primitive communism’).
Once we enter that engineered domain of ‘organised from above’ formations, we enter the Michelsian world of an implacable Iron Law of Oligarchy. (resulting in despotism, be it benign, or otherwise).
At the other remove, ‘International class solidarity’, despite its allure, is pure fantasy: it is high affectation only, and breaks down very quickly.
We live in a spontaneous, self-organising, universe.
Nature and Society are both, ‘spontaneously’, self-organising.
Human societies may not be engineered: they arise spontaneously on the basis of family,kindred, and community.
All life is instinctually driven
And the inanimate universe is, similarly, governed, by innate laws.
That is but the existential Alpha and Omega of the Universe.
Now one can see the fantastic delusions of EM political and social
In the same way as we need an accurate physics to understand Nature (its biology, chemistry, etc) we need a true anthropology to understand Society (its economy, politics, and philosophy).
EM did apply physics to Nature: but was entirely clueless in the latter arena.
So ALL of EM social theory is, quite simply, bunk.
It is not too late.
We can still doff EM modes of thinking, being, and doing.
And return to who we really are: mutually caring convivials.
As I have pointed out: look to the human family, for instruction.
It adheres not to one single EM idyll: it is NOT democratic, nor equalist, nor individualist, nor free.
Yet it gives each of us a sanctuary that no EM utopia could ever hope to provide.
The bear has its cave, the fox its lair, the bird its nest: and we , our ‘home’ – built on familial (real, or ersatz) ground(s).
It is natural and social, simultaneously.
Besides anthropic life may not be about living up to artificially, and arbitrarily, generated ideals, which is the extant EM way: but rather, perhaps, to abide in conformity to our received natures.
Our highest human need may simple be to huddle.
The most noxious toxin lovingly created by EM is its Asocial Individualism: which pits each against all, permanently, thereby turning Adversarialism into a vicious ‘universal’ in EM societies.
No wonder ‘Hell is, simply, other people’ (JP Sartre).
It is also the signal reason why neither Left nor Right are ever able to build solidarity, over time: turbo-charged egos tear all solidarities down.
It is also the one key trait that Non-European, but solidly E-Modernist, cultures (like Japan, e.g. ) have never been able to wholly embrace.
Even EM societies, of a tribalist nature, have not been able to fully accept it: which is why latter-day Scandinavian societies appear so much more sane and hospitable.
Similarly, women (nurturing children is difficult with self-love!) workers (who find safety in mutual solidarity) and native peoples (inherently, communally based) , albeit for different reasons, have never been able to enthusiastically sanction it.
We are, as pack/herd animals, attuned to communal living: and thrive in it.
Deprived of it, we atrophy.
No wonder, in abject admission of being a failed society, Britain – once a lead EM nation – appointed a Minister of Loneliness.
Need I say more?

Nowhere was EM ‘voted in’ by popular acclaim: it was always forced upon recalcitrant people(s).
We have been forced to live a lie. under stern EM auspices, in defiance of our own deeply felt-needs (which is why so many of us are , on the inside, far better – if occasionally worse – than the system requires of us)
Why not abandon such alien, and alienating, accoutrements and start to live, according to our lights?.
Know any EM constitutions that guarantee food, clothing, shelter, security , solidarity, caring, and love?
So, we could return to roots.
We would then be rid of false values, false expectations, false attitudes, false motivations, and false goals that have us live drab, insecure, enervating, unfulfilled, cheerless, and unrequiting, lives.
It could prove a re-animating, re-invigorating, experience: and , who knows?, you might not wish to return to the EM wasteland, once you grasp its vacuity?
I wonder.
* Know Thyself
© R.Kanth 2022


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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