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On Euro-Supremacy?

History is writ – revised, recalled, redacted – by Conquerors.

Non-Europeans have swilled European Kool-Aid in All matters (science, ideology, political practice, social institutions, norms, idylls, et. al.) for centuries.

Time we were weaned?

I said Europe.


Because they told us it’s a continent, like Australia.

Have a look at the maps of Australia and so-called Europe.

Is it?

Who decided where ‘Europe’ ends and ‘Asia’ begins?

You get the picture.

Not merely history, but virtually all that exists, in public discourse, with official sanction, is writ by Conquerors.

And we drink it up.
Aware or not, we live in a wholly European world.

Most of the world’s governors speak their language, mimic their institutions, and ape their conventions: as if they had no viable cultures, ideas, and social practices, of their own.

Most Modern(ist) nations , today, belong to their various multilateral entities, perforce: are schooled in their academies, are part of their economic , political , and military alliances, and subject to the awesome power of their Media, and to the dominance of their varied market and financial mechanisms.

Their very, Modernist, ‘nation-state’ format was bequeathed by Europe(Treaty of Westphalia) and imposed/adopted with no regard to its application/relevance to domestic history and context.

Certainly, no empire in history has ever achieved such ‘full spectrum dominance’, across such an overarching terrain.

Only in One significant regard has Europe shown complete fealty to anything Non-European.


That much should be obvious.

btw All of the world’s dominant religions are Asian in origin.

The only heartfelt religion that Europe has ever contributed is Mammon worship..

Ironically, that may well be the dominant ‘religion ‘ of the Modernist world?

However, Modernist Europe only accepted Christianity after first ‘modernising’ it via Protestantism: by blunting the societal welfare stance of the Church of Rome (Canon Law), and turning it also into yet another avenue for individual , personal, advancement (Calvinism).
However, the great enemy of European Modernism remains culture.


Because underlying culture is morality, anathema to its very spirit.

Essentially, it seeks to build an Amoral world.

As such, its specious ‘universalism’ (so worshipped by EuroModernists)seeks to homogenise and neutralise Other cultures, to make them ‘fit’ within its venal ambitions.

It succeeded in accomplishing this within North and Western Europe, but fell short in Southern and Eastern Europe.

It will, however, fail everywhere else.

Indeed, so called ‘capitalism’ flourishes best where culture (whence ordinary societal morality) is dead.

The greatest threat to the peace of this world is posed today (as was true yesterday) by the urges of Euro-Supremacy.

But, this is nothing new : and should surprise no one,

It is but prosaic truth.

And it’s been around for at least about 4 centuries.
The US – high paragon of Modernist ‘rights’ – a derivative of the British Empire, and one of its several domiciles, was itself founded by self-conscious Euro-supremacists,

It’s just that we’ve used various other terms for Western empires, in the past – and concepts are ,ever , our real shackles – that have helped cloak their real, inner, identity.

No surprise, again.

Since they are the very ones that scribed imaginative histories, and sociologies, for us all to imbibe, in all that time.

They drew the veils, and the fig-leaves, to cloak their designs.

And still do.
Their atrocities around the world, then as now, are an open book, for all to see.

Clive or Hastings in India, Columbus or Pizarro , in the Americas, Rhodes, and his ilk , in Africa – it is this tie that binds them all.

In the not so distant – and still extant – so-called ‘Colonial’ phase, Kipling was their balladeer and troubadour, the Bible their theological support (via so-called ‘Hamitic’ theory , with non-whites seen as descended from the condemned Ham), Franz Boas their ‘anthropology ’ crutch, and Francis Galton (via his so-called science of ‘eugenics’) their source for a ‘scientific biology’.

The duly vilified Nazis were , by far, shabby late-comers to this game, well begun by the other European conquerors of the world.

Hitler is ritually demonized, in the West, not merely because he was an empire builder , but because he dared to do to them what they had done to the non-Euro world for centuries: he was , so to speak, ‘breaking ranks’ with his own – a crime unpardonable.

Certainly, the ‘holocaust’ he unleashed was, in terms of numbers of distinct tribes and nations obliterated ,at least, utterly miniscule relative to the impressive saga of European Omnicide all across the globe.

But, again, it is winners who curate historical tales : and, in that field, it is, ever, winner fake all.
If no other historical catalog of sin suffices to underline their culpability, it is enough to note that every single major crisis the world faces today – including the threat of mass extinction – is directly or indirectly the result of reckless policies and programs pursued by Euro-supremacist agendas , for centuries, as they swept across the globe , willy nilly, ruthlessly garnering any and all human and material resources for advancement of their own societies.

To simply view it all as but ‘capitalism’ at work is meiosis at best, and evasion at worst.

It was not ‘blind’, impersonal, economic forces that dictated the horrors of colonies and empire (the exploits of our good King Leopold II, btw, are a neat reminder of the wanton savagery undergirding the high tropes of western civilization: known all too well by its myriad victims).

It was a highly self-conscious , willful, canny, set of identifiable political elites that planned, and executed, world domination.

I have called that all-embracing societal paradigm Euro-Modernism: with few exceptions, we all subscribe to it, today, aware or not.

Cecil Rhodes’ ‘Society of the Select’ , later to be called The Round Table , was amongst the earliest ‘think tanks’ set up to assure such domination into perpetuity.

Farsighted, indeed.
So, to digress but a little.

No, we are not at this current, ominous, pass in human history, owing to the wild depredations of the Masai, or the Cherokee, the Andaman Islanders, the Australian Aboriginals, or the Amazon Indians; or, for that matter, the ex-colonial and colonial dependencies of the West in Asia, Africa, Oceania , and Latin America, whom they continue to invade, conquer, occupy, bomb, control, govern, and rule, with complete impunity, violating every norm of International Law, and all manner of standing UN Conventions (indeed, they are the world’s pre-eminent scofflaws) .

We are , possibly, in a terminal crisis , today, owing to the European model(s)of growth and advancement that was foisted upon the world.

And that is a plain , prosaic, statement of fact, not rhetoric.
We, in the Euro-Modernist – ontic and epistemic – world, have to also confront the brute fact that the real societal world is run through with such deep faults (in the sense of societal fissures), a far cry from the mythical EuroModernist vision of a mass society of ‘rational individuals’ (as epitomised in econ textbooks) pursuing, ingenuously , their personal , innocuous, ends

Society is no ‘externality’ to be brought in post factum, into analysis: its writ runs through every pore of human existence.

It is trivially true that there is, in every relevant socio-historical context of adversarial societies, in various forms and degrees, a dominant gender, dominant caste, a dominant elite, a dominant class, a dominant religion , and a dominant ethnicity (despite its rubbing against the grain of our deeply imbued, and tendentious, ‘democratic’ ideology, force-fed us for generations, as part of the ideational hegemony , of the system).

Given that, it is but a truism that rulers rule, building and exercising domination, via manifold stratagems.

Euro-supremacy is a useful, even indispensable, term to identify one of the axial planks of the general mind-set of the real governors of the modern world (this, despite the mild push-back , in these latter days, from Russia, China, et. al.).

It is as basic a description of affairs: as are terms like ‘capitalism’, or ‘modernism’.

Without it, a history of the Modern era is both incomprehensible, and incoherent.
In fact, one might ask , as an aside, what is NATO all about , really, today: why does it exist, and expand, since the original pretext of the Cold War is no longer tenable?

What are they ‘defending’, and against whom?: you should know the obvious answer.

To be, or pretend to be, unaware of the above set of issues , is either sheer naivete, or sheer casuistry.

Euro-supremacy is no fringe movement, like the KKK or the National Front.

Its roots run deep, and far, and wide and is one of the many important threads that give the West its coherence.

So, it may not do to ask the (ubiquitous ) Euro-supremacists amongst us, in this world, to stand up, and be identified.

An honest response may well boggle your mind.

For one thing: there may not be enough standing room.
So, what can be done?


They are, for now, quite invincible (in force and fraud).

But that itself may hold a precious, if little noted, key to a possible redemption.

They could , sui moto, subvert themselves with overreach: with available colonies drying up, they may now be entering the clear, final?, phase of self-cannibalism.

The facts, certainly, appear to point in that direction.

The US economy is, today, arguably, a self-soiling one; the EU is virtually in erosion, and Japan (our token ‘white’ fellow traveler) has been at a near-standstill since the Nineties.

War and Finance – both transparently non-productive activities – are the prime, ‘viable’ , even lead, sectors of both Europe and North America, in these times, having returned , curiously, to the exact fields that marked Europe’s fateful ‘take-off’ , centuries ago.

Real expansion (restoring merely their older, historical , status) , au contraire, is taking place, steadily in the Other.

The Old Order waneth, unmistakably?

And the Wheel turns.
Euro-Supremacy was originally predicated upon sheer, naked power, a power they built , centuries ago, for 2 rather simple reasons.

They possessed the absolute Will (determination) to dominate, whence they single-mindedly developed the needed Techniques of domination (chicanery and cannon).

That Will , moreover, originated in an all-pressing Need: the sheer paucity of resources (esp. specie) in Northern Europe propelled them (i.e. , the ruling/commercial elites, outward, hungrily as it were.

They didn’t possess either the pressing will or the need, in earlier times: say, e.g., in the very Early Middle Ages, or in Antiquity.
This is important to note : the further back we go from the era where Europe conquered the world, the less the incidence of bigotry and chauvinism, which would suggest that it was no ‘inherent’ trait, but a latter-day swagger picked up as their command grew over the non-European world.

Had (the empires of) India and China wished to do so, they too could have, and far more easily, conquered Europe, being far more advanced (in the same time period) in the various arts of civilization.

But they had absolutely no need to: they were resource-abundant.

We must recall , e.g., that China, even as late as the mid-nineteenth century, had to be blockaded , and bombarded by the Royal Navy to even consider entering into large scale ‘trade’ with Europe – it was opium , btw, that the gallant Brits were hoping to dump on the hapless Chinese.

They were , in fact, the Original Affluent Societies, the first ‘First World ‘ before the parvenus from the West seized control.

Why do you think Columbus, pirate and mass-murderer, was so eager to find his way to the Indies?

Not to learn Sanskrit.

So , as and when that mighty power wanes, so will the hubris – but only in due course of time.

Could be, Nature repairs her ravages (if in subtle ways)?

The real fear of our time is whether the Older Hegemons will yield , peaceably, to the nouvelle world that is emergent.

The fate of the planet depends on that
Of course, on the other hand, it is not clear whether the ascendant Other, steeped itself, more or less, in Modernist states of being and consciousness, may not, in turn, adopt predacious postures of their own , especially if they pursue the chimera of perpetual growth and expansion.

In all post-tribal, male-dominated, social formations an Iron Law of Oligarchy tends to prevail.

To that extent, the emergent, and unstoppable, multi-polar world need not, per se, guarantee a more pacific, less precarious, societal existence.

If so, from the vantage point of the world’s hoi polloi, the gains will not necessarily be more sanguine.

(Only) Time will tell?

*Whilst Euro-supremacist notions are shared , across the board, often by even the more plebeian strata of the dominant ethnicity, it is , in matters of accountability, the rulers – i.e., the power elites – who bear historical responsibility for its ills. btw ,this piece was penned in 2019: reviewed more currently, matters do seem to be taking the course I have outlined.
[©R.Kanth, 2019]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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