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On Giving Thanks

On Giving Thanks, by Rajani Kanth

Give thanks that we be
still alive
whilst others gratuitous

those that did none
any harm
nor knew the reason why:

and as we feast
and murmur  thanks
joyous,  night and day

think of  they who face
our  wrath
miles and miles away;

killed at feasts, and funerals
children , infants,  too
blown to bits by aerial fire
coming at them  from the blue

stop not to  think, think not to care
the spree just  goes  on –
as we hop from shop to shop
when black friday is on

’tis the season don’t you know
love , and joy, and cheer:
as for the  rain of  fiery death,
it falleth there, not here

the rarity of our charity
is sheer wonder to behold
where hearts have thus  ceased to feel,
can lives  ever  be whole ?

and so it goes, another feast
another season past
but there will surely come the day
when  the first shall be the last

when grievous iniquity
shall not visit the weak
when ambrosial human kindness
even  a tyrant heart shall   leak

So feast away, this livelong day
it is our hour under the sun
but I have seen tomorrow
when the revels will be done

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