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Of Human Emancipation?


Like civilization itself, IT rests with women.

Men are structurally incapable.

This has little to do with intentionality.

Nor with anthropic notions of virtue and vice,


I have spent a lifetime investigating this problematic.

And my conclusions reject all received Euro-Modernist (EM) shibboleths.

I do science that is verifiable.

No wishful thinking, no idylls.

My ‘social theory’ is instantly comprehensible, via introspection and observation alone, with absolutely no recourse to ‘higher’ book-learned knowledge, prescribed by the Self-endorsing Mandarins of Approved Ideas.

Test it out.

N.B. What I provide, below, is a bare, suggestive, outline , sketch only, accessible to all.


Here is who we are.

We are hominids, close cousins to chimps and bonobos.

Exactly like them , we are instinctually driven.

Just like ALL Life on the Planet.

Males appear to take after Chimps, Women after Bonobos.

After your initial snigger (!) , examine human behavior in its collective aspect.

And then compare it to the primates identified.


ALL EM social theory is delusional.

Because it leaves out instincts, the bird that doesn’t tweet in its discourse.


Because of the Judeo-Christian presumption that we are not descended of hominids.

That we are crafted in the ‘image of god’.

If so, god was an ape?

Note the anomaly.

Animals are credited with instinctual behavior.

Humans are not.


Darwin shocked the world with his perturbing insight.

But too late for social theory, which had been evolving rapidly in the prior decades: his book was published the same year as Marx’ first major published work.

And he (Darwin) , too , was a bit defensive of his own idea.

Malthus had inspired Darwin, but being a parson, could hardly walk that walk, with respect to human evolution.

Marx did write to Darwin years later, expressing his admiration .

But none of them explored the implications of Darwin’s discovery, for human behavior.


So, human males (in their collective aspect), sooner or later, seek domination , when cut loose from affective tribal/kinship ties dominated by women in their vital role as progenitors.

That is the ultimate provenance of all War(s).

Similarly, women are the original peacemakers: for needing to build a cordon sanitaire to raise children safely: safe , i.e., from the predations of men.

Civilisation requires TWO important pacifications of the conditions of human existence.

The pacification of wild nature, and the pacification of (the equally wild natures , ‘animal spirits’ of ) men.

Both have to be ‘tamed’, and ‘domesticated’.

Women play the key role in the latter , but it is a perpetual struggle.

It is what I deem, The Essential Tension in our species.


When women succeed , we have a relatively pacific tribal community.

Where they fail, as is more often than not, we have the world as we know it, as tribal forms devolve into empires.

So, ALL our idylls flounder on this indefeasible reef.

Liberte , egalite , socialism, et. al. all are undermined by the male struggle to dominate.

That much is readily ascertainable HIS-Story.


This does NOT mean that biology is destiny.

But we would be more than foolish to think, like EM ideology, that we can simply ‘choose’ to be anything/anytime we wish, and reinvent ourselves on the basis of whimsy.

Freedom is bounded by the recognition of necessity?

‘Freedom’ is another hyped up EM mantra that ALL EM ideologues (Left and Right) bow to, with little circumspection .

But, consider: if I set you ‘free’ on an island, with no family or friends or anyone, you’d be ‘freer’ than any soul on earth.


Or, when you’re ailing, or down and out, perhaps: would you choose an ounce of caring and warmth, or a metric ton of democracy and equality?

I supply the above examples as mild illustrations only, to suggest the specious nature of received ideals: but they are misleading , since they are based upon ‘individual’ choice parameters, which is Not the method of social science, and not at all the modus of explanation I am furthering in support of my arguments.


It is high time we replaced EM fantasies with more realistic assessments.

There is , also, no substitute for science.

No ‘wokism’ , no pie in the sky dreams, can alter reality.

All of EM theorising is vacuous for not being founded on a sound anthropology.


We are , like other hominids,, a grounded , tribalist, familial/kinship and community-oriented species.

Heat-seeking mutualists, where integrity is best maintained in face-to-face relations

In Gemeinschaft, not Gesellschaft entities.

Nations , States, and Globalist Institutions are imposed creations : and we don’t fit well into those stifling straitjackets.

Cut loose from that healing matrix, we court anomie, angst , and alienation.

A Band of Convivials are morphed, thereby, within EM societies, into a Company of Strangers.

All existential despair stems from that: the fact that Modernist Adversarial Society , based on Asocial Individualism, keeps us lost and forlorn, or worse, turns us into unhinged sociopaths and psychopaths.


The US , with its near 2 mass-shootings a day, and at war permanently, is living/dying proof of that.

The UK, its kissing cousin , with a ‘Minister for Loneliness’ just about clinches the Argument.


EM societies are NOT anthropic societies, but contrived caricatures.

Societal life is not , in the first instance, about any absolutist notions of liberte, egalite , and democrace (!).

Those are more in the genre of ‘ Game of Thrones’ idylls of the Governors seeking to legitimize their rule via meretricious slogans that promise much, but deliver little.

It is, instead, about warmth, mutualism, caring, cooperation , and conviviality.

In short, about love. .

A 4-letter word that does NOT intrude into social theory.

Even the slave , if in a reductio ad absurdum vein of argument , is capable of being uplifted/succored by it.


As mammals , our highest need may arguably be to huddle, not to land on Mars, climb Mt Everest, or dream of full spectrum dominance

We should , by now, know the dark provenance of that last mentioned reverie?

So let us not, like King Canute* , in EM arrogance/ignorance, order the waves to be still.

Like the vagaries of human biology, adverted to , They obey Another plan.


We were meant to be microcosmic in our habitats and concerns; our macrocosmic world is what it is today owing to the success (failure?) of empires that destroyed those elementary modes of life.

I deem it Human Devolution.


So, one can free oneself from ALL such delusions : and start living.

Ask yourself what/whom you really value, after such illusory EM veils are torn asunder.

Living in conformity with our essential species-being: that is no idyll, nor is it artificial.

We are part of Nature, not above it.


EM Utopias (left or right) are mere chimera.

They keep us mesmerised in a surrogate , fanciful, world of day-dreaming like Don Quixotes.

Worse, they can have us throwing our lives away in Struggles for the Impossible.

All EM Roads, like life itself, lead Nowhere.
Yes, I know the Canute tale has been misunderstood, aside from being , also, apocryphal.
[©R.Kanth 2024]



Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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