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Our Usual Suspects


There are only two tribes of humans: they that make the wounds, and they who must heal them. Which kind are you?


How did They get

To be so Big

And We so

Very Small?


From Travancore

To Timbuktu

they roamed

the southerly


O they were such

heady times !


Torched this way

blazed that pass

won whatever

they fought, alas!


subject peoples

captive prey


A World Indulging,

had Their Way

After a bit

they had it all

from Capetown

to Donegal

O the Masters

standing tall

how jocund

did they seize it

all !


Robbed good


slew brother



Whence the


Rise and Fall

Stole from the


then again

from the poor


None that

they could

ever abjure

New wars came

old wars went

nothing they could

not circumvent


Theirs not to repine

nor to repent

In such
no sign of



Mills of Numen

grind too slow

Nemesis waiting

they didn’t know

The sturm and drang

afoot below

Of course the gods

did long retire

left a planet

still on fire

That’d bring down

both serf and squire


And so the Tables

half-way turned

even as planet

slowly burned


And Chaos hither

and thither churned


And now it must

all implode

They Crossed

The Line And Broke

The Code


Split the atom

diced its shell

headlong rode

this hearse to hell


Hubris heeds naught

very well?


Who won who lost?

I do not know

but together

we go

at frightful


To Niflheims



Levelled to one

the big and small


for they had

no space

to take it



So, 2, 4 , 6,

and 8

when are we

all to radiate?

is that

our mordant

mortal fate?

For Justice

like a chary date

ever alas

comes too late

© R.Kanth 2018


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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