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These are times that try (wo)men’s souls, sorely?.

I feel compelled, given the above, to advance this idea (to be enunciated in this Note) ,though not at all original with me, not merely as a salve, but as The Salve, for All the Predicaments we are embroiled in today.

Yes, I did say all problems.


I will not adduce Arguments for this claim here : that can await another rendition.

Suffice it to say , for now, that we are living in a profoundly alienated society (that I have termed EuroModernism)– alienated from its own anthropic species=being- and what I am advocating will , I believe, heal that breach (in course of time).

Sure, the notion of a Cure-all sounds like wild hyperbole.

And the term panacea, I must note, has always carried a largely pejorative connotation.

But I will insist that it is all very real, and testable.

And that, if adopted, we can save – what remains – of our planet, and its various denizens.

It is not too late.


Now I am realistic enough – about human affairs – to know that chances are slim that this modus will be adopted anywhere, let alone everywhere (although once tried, it will spread like wildfire).

Nonetheless, the notion needs be forwarded now, as the world teeters on the brink of multiple disasters, economic, ecological, nuclear , etc., so it can enter the Lexicon of Latter-day Politics.

This is the time.

And Time is short.


Doubtless, many, many Others have also said (or felt) this , it does not matter: I congratulate them all on their (prior) insightfulness.

If I am only echoing what is ‘in the air’, so much the better: I like to be in good company.

It would, also, be a welcome change.

Desperate times call, I think, for daring, venturesome measures.


So, what is this ‘magic potion’ I am indicating?

It is simple.

It is obvious.

And It has stared us in the face for millenia, as we went about our toils, eyes wide shut.

All we have to do is erase the miasma of bias, prejudice, ignorance, and error, to recognise its obvious merit.

Now, admittedly, the above is a tall order (!), even though it is no more than a switch in the brain that needs turning.

I feel that the current time is propitious for such portentous gestalt switches.


The recent era, by any standard, is really quite unprecedented.

Conventional nostrums have not fared very well.

And the dominant paradigm that governs the world (Western in origin, that I have termed EuroModernism) is faltering: to the point where older modalities (like a ‘re-feudalisation’ of the state, a return to autocracy, etc.) are, again, finding favor, albeit at the peripheries (but not only at the peripheries) of the system.

So, a yearning is discernible for Change ( even when official media chooses to downplay such expressions of protest and dissent), across the political spectrum.

For New Ideas, en generale.

For Novel political and economic configurations.

For Re-envisaging enduring societal problems – and solutions.

And, ‘anything, but the status quo’ appears to be the link that ties them all.


So , what is this novel stratagem?

It certainly has the virtue of parsimony.

It can be summed up in but Two Words.

Empower Women.

Across the board.

In every sphere of social life.

Let Men step aside, take a back seat.

Turn the leadership of all economic, political, military, and societal policy , and governance, over to Women.



Yes, I know ALL the Arguments against it, real and imaginary.

So, save them : don’t tell me.

Just as an aside, it is no more far-fetched than ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident’, or ‘perfect competition’, or ‘liberte, egalite’ , Or all of the other consecrated , dissembling, myths of the Modern World.

I know them all, and so do you.

We need to set them – alongside all given, canonical, political formulas – aside.



Aside from a host of other issues, owing to what they all share in common.

They have all been found wanting, in one regard or another.

And they are/were all, overwhelmingly, crafted by Men.

In other words, I am asking that you cast aside the shibboleths of received Masculinist political, economic , and social thinking (that have legislated, thus far, how we live , work , and relate to one another).

And then gauge, judge , and evaluate: by results.

It is worth a try?

What do we have to lose, other than a failed system.

It certainly has the merit of fairness: men have had a very, very long innings.

Why not let women bat, for once?


It is true that, if adopted, ab initio, privileged, governing-elite women – owing to their strategic location(s) – will take over, and change nothing.

But, very swiftly, they will be overwhelmed by newly-empowered women, from the other (hitherto excluded) ranks/strata of society.

And then, watch what happens.

It will be like a tsunami.

And It will succeed at every level it is attempted: local, regional, national, international, etc.

It can also begin anywhere, anytime, at any level, in microcosm or macrocosm.

It will, additionally, also work regardless of the nature of the system it operates in – no matter what the ‘ism’ is.

Finally, no other policy, plan, or ploy will achieve, I believe, any results faster, and more assuredly, than the course I am commending.


I said I would not proffer supportive Arguments here (though they do litter my published works).

But a small clue might suffice: Modernist societies are plim with political struggles, which are all ipso facto, power struggles.

They alter the power structure, but not necessarily, or always, the nature of prevailing societal norms.

Gender struggles are of a very different description: they are ever about profound moral and cultural -i.e. civilizational – values.

I will leave it at that.


We face innumerable threats to existence, endless war, climate change and nuclear annihilation being at the top of the list: incremental attempts to contain them have not worked, and, indeed, will not work.

In fact , we are on the brink, as never before, as the Doomsday Clock, direly , informs us.

And time , as I remarked, is radically short.

Maybe even less?



We will achieve what has eluded us, in the Modern world, for generations.

We will have universal disarmament.

We will have universal basic income.

We will have universal health care.

We will have ecological repair, and societal restoration.

We will have world peace.

And much, much, more.

No, they won’t all happen on Day One: 😊

But all such indices will , virtually immediately, start to move in the right direction.

It will be irresistible.


And what might Men be doing, in all this?

Glad you asked.

Carry water, for Women (there’s rude justice to this, surely).

In other words, place themselves in supportive roles.

It’s about time they stuck to performing – unambiguously and unremittingly – societally useful tasks (all right, so I am exaggerating a little).

We will have, in short, a New World (not altogether new, really: in the sweep of anthropic history, something approaching this has, in fact, been the ontic basis of several primal tribal societies).

Not a Brave new world, mind: but a Benign new world.

There .

I have stated it.

Now, go on: rubbish it, scorn it, debunk it, attack it, disparage it – knock yourself out any way you wish.

It will not alter , by one whit, its simple, ineluctable, Truth.

A truth most of us – even non-women! – have a feel for, if only intuitively.


Utopian, quixotic, chimerical, you object?

I understand such reservations: skepticism is, in fact, a valuable stance that I respect.

But consider: is it any more far-fetched than the recurrent hope for ‘peace on earth’ , or the ‘class-less society’, on the part of We , who are , when all is said and done, but a degree removed from the likes of apes and chimps ( a fact we overlook in our high hubris, but painfully obvious to the perspicacious observer)?

So , instead of protesting this or that ill of the system, here and there, now and then, episodically: henceforth, we can simply make this one, solo, demand universal.

Let that One Banner, everywhere, read: Empower Women – and work, hereafter, dedicatedly, toward that end.

It will be All-Inclusive, in its scope, despite its unimodal appearance.

It will also be found to be, I am guessing:

Easy , to set in motion.

Effective, in its power to galvanise.

And quite Indefeasible, in its hold on popular imagination.

The die is cast, wouldn’t you say?
PS Read this as well: https://litvote.com/learning-from-women/

Submitted Originally , as below.
[© R.Kanth 2020]

The above is a slightly edited version.
[© R.Kanth 2023]

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by the authors are their own, not those of LitVote.com

Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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