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(For G.Vaughan)
The simple homilies we elide, daily?

Love one another!(The Bible)
Only Connect! (Forster)
Be true to one another! (Arnold)


I could say it all more economically: Be Kind!
Or, simply: Care !


Those are a cri de coeur of our anthropic existence.
Inherently superior to the ‘liberte, egalite’ EM sloganeering which serve to decoy us into fruitless struggles into perpetuity.
A loaf of democracy and a jug of equality will not quench that inner hunger/thirst .
Nor will full employment, zero inflation, and endless growth of the GDP cover it.
But they can remain high epistemic idylls, only, honored in the breach, unless grounded in realisable societal forms.
They cannot simply be ‘engineered’, by design or declamation, contrary to extant EM notions.
In my critique of EM (European Modernism) I have sketched the ontic (pre)conditions for such states of being –subject ever to human variability ( which can never be discounted).
I have also noted that in those specified societal contexts such affirmations are quite spontaneously evoked.
I won’t repeat them here.
It is helpful to review what is possible,
Even in the midst of all this dystopian madness.
Yes, Dystopian Madness.
I will repeat the obvious: we live in a world gone mad.
A madness structurally innate in the philosophical premises undergirding EM ideas.

Human society is an organic, moral, entity.
This basic, simple, truth is elided by all of EM ideology/social science.
Until we rediscover that, we will continue on this catastrophic path to expand Amoral Society (EM society) to its nether limits.
If not undone, and soon, we will be , irreversibly, the zombies we are fast becoming, if we survive at all.

In the Beginning was the Affirming Deed.
Time to recall/revive it?

[© R.Kanth 2022]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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