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A Peculiar Journey

By Facundo Raganato, whose first novel The Author was released today, April 1, 2015

I humbly welcome you into this peculiar deepening journey where words are more than what they seem. Magic? Indeed.

This mystical adventure I am presenting to you has been in development for a decade, and its “simplicity” has multiple complex contexts within; it is unlike any other story ever read or written, for it connects and intertwines long strings of various themes within the same simple letters, and their meanings are expansively connected and mirrored through the experience of the Reader. O, and what a pleasure it has been for me to have gone so far through the beautiful words of literature for you, O and what a pleasure it is now to share this spiritual gate with thee. How far can imagination take you? How near can fiction resemble the reality we live? Who are you? Why are you here? “The Author” is a reflective timeless story where the Reader is the key that unlocks the doors of the Mind. However, I prefer to call it: The Characters’ Short Living Story.

It has happened to you; the moment where you learn something new, and you understand. That, which you didn’t know before, changes as you see it now. And you say to yourself: “Oh! That is what that meant!” However, is it relative? How do you know what that means?

The beauty of the expansion of consciousness is such an inspiring feeling, not only individually, but collectively as well.

Adam & Eve might have experienced something similar when they bit the apple of knowledge and saw that they were naked. However, it was in their ‘fall’ where they were ashamed of being naked, unlike before . . . Imagine if you were tempted to eat it; would the expulsion from paradise be worthy for the sake of knowledge? …Question yourself this: why would you be ashamed of being naked?

What about you Reader? Are you aware of who you are? Are you aware of where you are and what it is happening to you right now? Are you conscious of where your thoughts are taking you? Are you conscious of where others’ thoughts are taking you? What about your feelings? Do you know why you are the feeling the way you are feeling right now?…You are Alive.

The Mind is such a powerful thing; consciously and subconsciously. Scientists may categorize and identify parameters objectively with their observations on the brain, but only You are the one who can master the Mind. Be conscious that you are the One who controls your Mind, do not let your Mind control you; meditation, reflection, introspection, alchemy, purification, transformation, redemption, selflessness, etc. Where are you going?

The Mind is limitless, my dear Reader, and with the divine light of the beating heart it goes beyond words. “Know thyself,” I recite from the Temple of Apollo: “Know thyself and thou shall know all the secrets and mysteries of the universes and the Gods.” Know that we have marvelous wonders inside of us; because musicians listen to music when there are sounds, regardless our languages; because painters see human emotions through the colors of a painting, regardless our style; because poets can find intentions behind the words written, regardless our “politics.”

We are human beings, and that fact has more value than the value we give to them when we tend to make “wrong” choices. What choices are you making? For who? For what? It is a very promising age for us nowadays, it is the first time in known history where our world is globally connected, what is your creation? What is your intention? How are you sculpting? How are you painting? Why are you writing? Who do you dance with? When are you? We are Artists; We are Magicians. Every word counts, every detail, every silence, every encounter, every little thing we do make a difference…

I began writing this literary odyssey after being heavenly inspired by a love-at-first-sight experience with someone who’s incredibly special to me, and from its inception it has growth into the unanswered complex questions of philosophy, through the beautiful aesthetics of Literature & Art, and beyond the simple divine insight of spirituality. This story means more to me that I could ever express, and in their words this story has more meanings than the Reader could ever find alone. So take it as you please, travel light at night, for it is an adventure that goes beyond what we know, and, hopefully, it might reflect back to you exactly what you are looking for. Thank you.

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