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American Indian's perspective


They kill Palestinians,

Do they not?:

Alas: so what?


Do we know

Our History:

Or have we clean



They killed

Native Africans:

Native Asians,



Native Americans,

By thousands,

Native Australians,

not a few


They killed them

all, blithely,

once upon a


all the way

from  Mandalay

to Timbuktu



They slew them,

calmly, then –

And  they do so  still:

The Preachers

Still  Preaching:

Thou Shall not Kill


‘Liberte, egalite!

And Justice for All!’ :

Slogans , inspiring:

How they keep us 

in thrall!


Yes , they kill Palestinians

it is  so sad to say:

O, and hundreds of Others

Every blessed  day –


We can only wonder,

Long as we live


At the Great


At the Great


At the Great



At the Great

Travesty –

At the Oxymoron

Of Western Civ


[© R.Kanth 2018] 
Professor Rajani Kanth is the author of Coda, and Expiations
and trustee of the World Peace Congress

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