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Pipe Dreams


Peace, amity, tolerance.


We cling to them, despite history.

Even as hosts of martyrs come and go, right before us.

Hope hangs on, somehow.

And perhaps it were well it does?
But the real is ever ineluctable.

In post-tribal Adversarial Society (of which EuroModernism is a part) the War – violence within and without – is perpetual.

Given innate propensities of our species, that I have oft referred to, all we can hope for is an armistice, at best, for a while.

That is, simply, our lot.

We are part of Nature, not some pastel passion play.

And Nature is harsh and wild.

And so are we, or at least a significant part of us is.

So , let us try and be a bit less delusional.

We lock doors, set alarms, bear arms, abide mass-murders, admit to each other that thing are getting worse ( a relentless refrain in Modernist history) , and live with any and all modes of daily injustice, and still think of it as the best of all possible worlds.

As Levi-Strauss once said of Gretry’s harmonies, between our high notes and our low notes , we could drive an entire team of chariots.
I am not saying solutions cannot be found.

They can, IF we recognise the problem.

That is the initial first step.

Here is the root cause ( and let ALL utopians take careful note):https://litvote.com/the-root-cause/

Now let science develop salves, remedies, antidotes.

I said science.

I meant it.
Voodoo, and supplications to the invisible, are a near-essential part of our impressive myth-making propensities.

But they have never significantly altered the normal tenor of human life, in human history, except , occasionally, precipitating even further calamities.

If there is ANY improvement of our general lot, it is owing to the discoveries of science, and science alone.

This is not at all to gainsay unsavory use of its gains by our Usual Suspects.

Indeed, so impressive has science been at locating, and solving, problems, I am ready to embrace the idea of a Supra-human Intelligence that informs our endeavours , albeit randomly.

If that be so, I can seriously say that those who claim to speak for IT – as they have for millenia – haven’t a clue: and need to be distrusted for their naivete, if not outright chicanery.

No one knows, nor has ever known, why anything, including us, exists.

But (human) nature abhors a vacuum.

So it tosses in its two cents of rich speculation (religion, theosophy, etc).

In that murky domain, the perennial watchwords remain: Caveat Emptor!

[©R.Kanth 2023]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (A Novel), A Day in the Life (Novel), Expiations (Verse), and Farewell to Modernism (Political Economy Tract).

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