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We are boxed in.
The Crisis runs too deep.
No real options left to climb out.
Save One.
Universal Amnesty.
Let all of us : the bad, the ugly, and the horrible (let’s pretend we are All no good) decide to forgive, forfeit, and forget.
And start over.
I am not saying love one another.
That’s for another time, maybe, if ever.
Right now, let us just agree we All failed.
No Us, no Them.
No blame. No shame.
Instead, share, and share alike, our great big granary of Guilt.
North, South, East, West.
Rich, poor, high, low.
Pink ,brown, male , female.
Have done with Recriminations.
Everyone steps back.
Clear the air.
No hubris, no drama.
Erase the last 4 centuries (at least) of history.
Who did what and to whom and why.
Let us exonerate ourselves.
Eschew Adversarialism.
Rise above.
Nay, soar above.
Instead of being hapless hostages of history, be its conjoint Architects.
Let’s have weeks of celebration of this Great Redaction.
Weeks and weeks.
Maybe more.
Around a huge bonfire of our (carefully stoked) profanities: carpings, cavillings,cruelties, and caprices.
A Universal Reconciliation.
No less.
What say you?
I’m ready.
Think it puerile and trite?
Before curling up with scorn, Think Again.
What’s the Alternative?
Calamity: war, nuclear winter, human extinction, planetary destruction (I’ll ignore climate chaos).
That makes trite seem almost sacral?
Look at it this way: Where status quo is nightmare, pipe dreams are Reprieve?
So, go on: share it.
Spread the Word.
Give up pet peeves.
Call off personal beefs.
Calm those querulous passions.
We are One, Now.
And how!
Game Over.

ps perhaps, as per the above, we might finally, at long last, discover, that, underneath it all, we are all, inescapably, ineffably, ineluctably- and ever so briefly! – human. Whence, we might, again at long last!, unite around the pledge of No More – hot or cold, big or small – War. We might wonder, as we tred this charmed muskrose path: what took us long? As has been said, there is (or might be?) hidden value to daydreaming.

[© R.Kanth 2022]


Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda (Novel) , A Day in the Life (Novel), and Expiations (Verse)

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