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Political Interlude



By author Susan Defreitas, via The Big Idea

At the time I’m sitting here writing–Friday morning, November 4th, 2016–people from all over this country have converged on North Dakota in an effort to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Many of those people are Native Americans, whose ancestors endured the very worst colonialism had to offer. All of them are risking arrest to be there; many of them are risking life and limb as well.

These people are protesting the destruction of ancestral burial grounds, yes, but they’re also putting their bodies on the line to stop yet another hugely destructive oil pipeline from polluting our waters and our skies, in a way that cannot be undone in our lifetimes, or even those of our grandchildren…[more]

Susan DeFreitas’s fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in The Utne Reader, Southwestern American Literature, The Nervous Breakdown, Story Magazine, and Fourth River, among other publications. DeFreitas lived in the high country of central Arizona, where Hot Season is set, for fourteen years, and covered topics related to the environment and green technology until 2009, when she moved to the Pacific Northwest. Melanie Bishop, writing for Huffington Post Books, called her “a spokesperson for our times.”

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