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Postscript (To: The Spontaneous Universe)

To sum up.
We are but a species of animal.
We live in a spontaneous, self-organising, universe, both
natural and societal.
Like ants and bees, we build anthropic communities spontaneously, and naturally.
The axial principles/planks of the architecture are family, kindred, and community.
Our natural societies are simple tribal societies.
These, often, devolve into empires, globally (as, in the well recorded chain-history of Europe).
This is when women are , at some point of inflection, unable to imprison the adventurist impulses of men within the chains of domesticity.
So it is this gender divide that breaks up innate tribal empathy and unity.
Empires are always the triumph of toxic masculinity over feminine hospitalities
All empires are, inescapably, Patricentric, in impulse and character.
They represent the defeat of the Social Economy of Affections by the Political Economy of Interests.
The error of Eurocentric Modernists, , or EM, who wrote social theory on our behalf, if not at our behest!, was to applaud this devolution as ‘progress’: and, even further, as civilisation.
Error was compounded with injury when they took to ‘engineering’ societal modes, this way or that (left or right), led by economic or political impulse, to disastrous consequences.
As humans, we require no ‘engineering’ any more than ants and bees
require guidance.
Leave us alone , and we build, as we must, human communities following instinctual principles already identified.
Mark the word ‘instinctual’: it is the dog that does not bark in
EM social theorising.
This is because extant religious ideology of Europe saw ‘ (wo)man’ as made in the image of ‘god’ (a grace not always allowed to Non-Europeans, save grudgingly) , and so aloof from the instinctual behaviors of the Apes s/he really takes after.
Even Darwin was unable to dent that parameter: matters had gone too far and deep.
Now tribal cultures do evolve, but according to their own lights, and the circs, they encounter: and they do not need to be burdened by our EM standards of ‘progress’. Having destroyed most of the living planet, we are hardly qualified to sit in judgment over them.
That’s all there is to it: the rest is available below in the original article this is a postscript to.
ps I have spent a lifetime trying to understand ourselves: and it is only in the past few years that I have compiled the full story. It is of no consequence how this is received by others: it makes sense (i.e. fits the facts, as I know them) to me, and that suffices.

(for Amit Goswami)
Long ago, Amit Goswami pointed out we live in a
Self-Aware Universe.
Even prior, David Bohm showed us that we live in
a Self-Organising universe.
These are important ideas.
Turning to the societal world, however, we detect a Great Anomaly.
EuroModernism , EM, or Eurocentric Modernism decided society had to be engineered, this way or that (prior to that moment, human society was exempt from such specious ‘visions’).
By that , it simply meant that we would all need to be programmed to
fit into its venal ambitions.
Its phony science of ‘economics’ performed that task admirably.
Most of us in the EM world are being morphed into materialist zombies.
All EM utopias (left or right) lead straight to disaster: just have a look at history.
So we need to re-examine that fateful legacy.
Simple tribal societies are our spontaneously evolved natural-social entities.
In that aboriginal laboratory of anthropic existence, spontaneously evolved, we learn about our real human nature: which is familial, kindred based, and communally oriented.
So the liberte, egalite, democrace(!) claptrap, the chimera of EM engineering are imposed idylls (or, lures) that remain ever problematic.
They do not correspond to any identifiable human need.
Democracy is no pre-req. for contentment, liberty for security,
nor equality for nurturance
The human family, e.g., does NOT comport to any such EM norm.
It is neither individualist, democratic, equal, nor free!
Imagine that!
Yet it gives us anthropic beings the vital sanctuary NO EM utopia
So, we need to recognise our instinctual nature, and comport with it – to be reasonably content (this is not Utopia, just our natural state of being).
Cut off from that, we court madness, anomie, and angst.
The EM-engineered societal modes (nation-state, civil society) do
not meet our anthropic needs, and , in fact, keep us apart from our species being, in permanent alienation.
Our species has no high idylls to realise: nature is neither ambitious ,nor goal-driven.
Our highest human need may simply be to huddle.
We have lived the fantasy dystopia of EM for too long.
EM has built-in misanthropy, in its view of human nature and human ambition(s) – just like the chosen vehicle that delivers its warped shibboleths so very effectively :i.e., Economics.
Hoary slogans like laissez-faire! and devil take the hindmost !(viewed in the policy context whence they arose) are symptomatic of EM passions: of privileging the strong and crushing the weak, of disparaging goodwill (“the road to hell is paved with good intentions”) and finding social virtue in vicious conduct (like Mandeville’s Fable of the Bees).
Economics has played an immoderate role in this debasing propaganda.
It may be no exaggeration to hold that no EM ‘discipline’ has done more harm to human welfare.
Time to return home,, quite literally…
This return requires no upheavals, nor cataclysms: simply to start living by our innate sensitivities, shedding the cumbrous baggage of EM imposts that purvey delusional ambitions and goals.
We are easygoing convivials: not driven automatons that EM would have us be.
(Micro)Economics prescribes that we be canny, competitive, and calculating robots.
It is not science: it is a dull, dismal, and dreary, instruction manual, gifted, gratuitously, the gratuity of a Nobel citation.
For the most part, most of us have survived its tawdry snares: workers, women, and native peoples have, for various reasons, never been wholly won over to its vulgar blandishments.
But you know who eat it up live!
That’s right.
The 1%.
It’s their cherished patois..
As I have said before, Economic nostrums, like so much of EM itself , are a libel upon the human race.
EM cannot be shrugged off, until the nostrums of Economics are banished from everyday life.
We have no need to be ‘organised’ from above., by those who play with our lives to augment their power and/or net revenues (just have a glance at the so-called Great Reset agenda, already in place).
I could not put it more plainly.

Professor Rajani Kanth, is Author of Coda, A Day in the Life, and Expiations

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